My name is Britney Munday.

I started blogging in 2013 after I had my first baby.

Initially this blog was to document my postpartum weightloss after my first child (which I did lose by the way... 70 pounds to be exact!)

Now years later my blog has evolved as I have evolved.

I post about whatever I feel like talking about that day!

You could call me a "lifestyle" blog if you want, but if you ask me that is pretty much what everyone calls their blog when they want to post about whatever they want, whenever they want.

Which... I guess is pretty accurate.

Let me give you a quick overview over things I'm passionate about. In no particular order of importance... except the first one.

My Kids (duh)
Self Acceptance
Amazon Prime
Trying not to be too basic
Being dangerously basic despite my best efforts
Nursing (Mother/Baby RN in the house!)
Nursing ( . )( . )
Thinking I'm funny
Walking too close to the line but going with it anyway
I also like decorating my house but I'm not to going to say I like interior design because that puts WAY TO MUCH PRESSURE ON ME

Oh gosh... I sound like a home maker. Am I a home maker?! 

My teenage self would be so disappointed. By now I was supposed to be a millionaire living in Hawaii training dolphins. I love dolphins. Dolphins are my favorite. Did you see that video on youtube where the dolphins save that guy from a shark? Freaking dolphins... they're such bad a's.

Oh, are you still here? Good! That means you'll like following along to my ramblings. Thanks for stopping in! Don't be a stranger!

No but really, don't be a stranger.
Comment on my posts so we can chat!
Follow me on instagram @britneymunday
annnnd subscribe by e-mail so you know when I take my precious alone time when the kids are asleep to write a life altering post on here.
Ok, I can't promise it will be life altering but I promise I'll try. 

K byeeeeeee.

I love you.
and dolphins


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  2. I'm guessing you meant to say that you were married in 2012?! Since you do NOT look like you could pop out a baby a month after getting married!(Also, I don't think you can get sealed when you're 8 months pregnant!) haha

    Anyway, i have a 8 month old and between lots changes and a big move from Bountiful to Phoenix, I didn't lose 25 of my 40 pregnancy lbs! Starting 2 weeks ago, I'm changing that. Eating healthy and working out 5 days a week. I look forward to your recipes and seeing you progress! Just wanted to let you know too, that you look AMAZING already! You're a knock out. Good luck with more progress though!

    1. Lol that's hilarious! Yep 2012! Thanks for catching that! :) And thanks so much! Losing the weight can be hard but we can do it! We got this!

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  4. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and kudos to you for showing off your imperfect body, although more perfect than mine, lol! I am currently pregnant with my 4th child and each time I have lost the weight so I know it's possible. I will keep following your weight loss journey and start my own in a few months (5 weeks to go, yay!)

  5. Okay- You guys are the cutest! Your wedding pics are stunning and your baby is darling! I am thrilled to have found your blog! Thanks for your fitness tips! XO


  6. Do you know where that aqua blue dress is from?! I just came across your blog from pinterest and was reading this section! I need a dress just like that for a wedding coming up. Thanks!

    1. Hey Chelsea somehow I'm just barely seeing this comment! I got it at Mr. Mac (the suit store) totally random but they have some cute dresses every once in a while!

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