Life Update (4 months since leaving IG)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

So dating wise I've kind of taken a step back. I was going on dates frequently but then I just kind of burned out for a little bit. I hang out with my other single cousin often and we have a great time together... I'm thinking that might make it so I'm not as willing to go out of my comfort zone and frequent those first dates ya know??

I did go on a date Friday night with a solid guy (that I met through bumble!). We had dinner at a restaurant at Farmington Station and then went to see Oceans 8 (which I really liked for the record). I think it's so funny when I hear people that are against dating apps (like Tinder and Bumble) because I've met so many great guys through there. I just consider it a singles database... I can swipe to my hearts desire and find guys that I think may be worth my time. And even if there isn't a spark then I just have a new cool friend. I'm totally pro dating apps. 

So that's the dating update.

As far as the kids go... they are doing great! I LOVE summer time with kids... it's seriously the best. We usually go to a pool every afternoon just me and the kids. If you followed me on instagram you know how OCD I am about my kids and water safety... we've been doing survival swim lessons at Aquatics Academy in Draper once a week for about the past year. It's totally paid off! Jakes an awesome swimmer and Chloe knows how to keep her self safe in the water without a life jacket. 

In fact, she's obsessed with jumping off the diving board. Without a life jacket. Yes, she turned two last month. She usually has everyone at the pool staring at her in awe... it's hilarious. I will wait in the water for her, she will jump in, swim up and float on her back. And then do it over... and over... and over again. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a proud mama moment! I'll attach a video of it right here! She cracks me up.

Jake goes into kindergarten this fall and I'm so excited for him! We've slowly but surely been putting our roots down here and developing new friendships (both him and I!). It makes me so happy when he makes new friends. He is definitely and extrovert (with a fairly introverted mama) so when he goes to the pool and makes friends with kids that were total strangers it makes me proud. He's also been going to a preschool summer camp and he LOVES it! So glad I stumbled upon it... it gives him a chance to get out and be social with kids his age and it gives me a little break if ya know what I mean. Haha!

So that's the kid update.

Anyway, life is good! I'm healing. Summer is amazing.

I hope you all are having a great summer as well, again I love hearing from you so say hi down in the comment section along with your IG username! Thanks for your continual love and support, you guys are the best!

Britney Munday


  1. Hi, I am soo happy to hear from you. Send you a big hug and kisses for the kids. ❤💕
    IG; @aracely2717

  2. I am so happy you are all doing well!!! I am so proud of you for following your gut and getting through this hard time.

    IG rachieolson

  3. I love hearing your updates. And good for you on quiting that nursing job. I don't think the problem with unsafe staffing will ever improve until nurses start sticking up for themselves. I'm also a nurse and it's such a huge problem. Glad to hear yourey doing so well! IG aellington22

  4. You’re so fun. I miss you on IG but I also really really admire what you’ve done stepping back. It did get kind of crazy up in there for a while. I just moved to California after 2 years on the maternity floor at the U and I’m so conflicted on what to do about it—-it takes about 6 months to get an RN license in Cali and I have an 18 month old and a baby due in November and no family support here so I don’t know how I would even go back to work. But I worry about being gone too long AND the cost of living here is yikes. :/ anyway good luck to you. Have you heard of the Nurse Family Partnership? It’s basically postpartum public health nursing. I know Utah County has a program but not sure about up in Ogden. @benjisRN

  5. I’m so glad you are doing well! I have missed following you but I am so proud of you for doing what you have to do! You’re killing it Britney! I hope you know your old Instagram family is cheering you on!


  6. Love the updates Britney! Glad to hear you and your gorgeous babies are doing so well! x

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  9. I love all your updates! I do miss you terribly on instagram and all your amazon finds & recs, but it’s great to see you doing so well. Chloe is amazing!! It’s crazy how great of a swimmer she is. Isn’t it crazy when they start kindergarten? I hope Jake loves it, the littlest one I nanny for just started last week and I bawled my eyes out! It goes by so fast! As for the job, it will all come in time, trust the process xx.


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