Life Update (3 months since leaving IG)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

I have a new life update. Not so much anything set in stone but more so set in stone in MY MIND. I've decided to go back to school and get my nurse practitioner degree! This was my plan all along, but I had kids and was expected to put those plans on the back burner. But now I'm free to build the life that I want and that I think is best for me and my children so it's back to plan A! 

As of now I'll probably wait until my little girl goes into school... so a couple more years until I start working on my NP degree... but that will be good for me. I feel like I need more real life experience working as a nurse before I dive into the NP degree. But I'm excited to have this plan that I'm working towards and to be that much closer to being a financially independent single mom.

We are still living with my parents right now and probably will for awhile, which actually has been great for us. My parents have been so gracious to take us under their wing and they love having Jake and Chloe running around and lighting up the house with their little personalities. I wouldn't be able to afford to live on my own but right now it wouldn't be ideal anyway... during this time of change I do feel that me and the kids need the consistent support (and honestly just a helping hand for this single mom life) that comes from living with my parents. Both my parents work full time so during the day it's just me and the kids anyway. And two cats. And a dog. Oh and I mean basically the UPS workers live here too because my dad is as addicted to Amazon as I am. But it's good. I'm good. We are all good. 

My parents are building a new house that should be done the end of this year so that will be nice because me and the kids will have our own rooms again. Right now Chloe has her own room (because she is the lightest sleeper known to mankind) and me and Jake share a room. He has a little daybed off to the side and it's been sweet to have him close but I'll be honest I'm ready to have some space again and I'm sure Jake is ready to have his own room again!

These are the little details you don't know about my single mom life. Honestly, it's not how I imagined my life at this point. And it takes some swallowing of my own pride to move back in with my parents at 28 years old. But I'm determined to build the best life possible for me and the kids, and I'm not waiting around on anyone to bring that to me. I'm not waiting around for prince charming to come riding in on his gallant steed and to swoop up me and the kids. I'm going to work my ass off and buy that damn horse myself! In fact I'll buy three... one for me, one for Jake, one for Chloe and we will ride off into the sunset together. Or maybe Disneyland, yeah... actually... forget the sunset we're going to Disney.

I've already made the mistake once of giving up my education, life plans, etc... to someone else when I thought it was love and they said they would always take care of us. Maybe I'm jaded now, or maybe I'm wiser, but either way I'm not letting it happen again. And when I say I'm not letting it happen again I mean I'm not waiting on someone else to bring home the bread, only me. I feel like this new found independence has given me a new lease on life, and I'm frantic to not waste it. 

This is my life.

My decisions. 

My destiny. 

And no one is going to stop me from making it the best life possible for me and my children. 


  1. You are amazing Britney!!! Totally feel your amazing energy from here! You can do this �� went to school with 2 kids and it made every single one of us stronger and better I truly believe it. So proud of everything you’re achieving and love these updates ❤️

  2. Hey! so I just wanted to tell you that you are in fact one bad-ass mother! I began following you like a few years ago I guess (probably around the time I started my own blog) and kinda just stumbled back into your blog through my reader section today. I read back a few posts and although I knew you had written about leaving IG, I must have missed your life updates. It sounds like you're doing amazing now! The way you're writing and how I'm reading it truly feels like it's an open conversation between you and us, your readers. I'm glad to hear you're going back to nursing and wanting to complete your NP (from one rehab nurse to another, give'em hell! ;) ) Just keep being you Britney!

  3. You are beautiful, you look so happy! Great life update! Happy for you mama. You’re doing a great job! And ever since I spent months in the hospital with Dash when he was younger I’ve always thought nurse practitioners were the way to go!! For real! -Katie (@dashofdollie)

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