Jake's 5th Birthday Party

Saturday, March 24, 2018

This is going to sound so stereotypical mom of me but... How the heck do I have a 5 year old?! Like what?! I remember being 5! I know quite a few of you have followed along with me since Jake was born and I was losing that postpartum weight... so that makes our friendship 5 years old too! That's nuts!

Since we are divorced and now living an hour away Sam threw a party for Jake down there with his family and I threw a party up here for Jake with my family. If we didn't live an hour apart we'd consider doing a combined party despite our divorce but we can't expect all our friends and family to make that drive. But Jake thought it was pretty awesome to have two birthday parties two nights in a row!

Jake loves doughnuts (NOT with sprinkles FYI) so when I picked him up on his birthday I came equipped with doughnuts and balloons. This past year has been a hard adjustment for all of us so I wanted to make his birthday as special as possible. I told him we could do whatever we wanted before his birthday party so he decided he wanted to go to Kangaroo Zoo in Ogden with me and Chloe and jump around for a couple hours. Chloe has turned into such a big girl and can keep up with Jake no problem!

After that we had his birthday party at Get Air trampoline park in Kaysville Utah. We chose to book a party with them and I was super impressed with how organized they were. They were a pretty decent price considering we got 2 hours of jump time for us and our guests, they provided all the plates, cups, and silverware, handled ordering the pizza and drinks, and did all the clean up and set up. HELLO. 100% worth it! I'm all about delegating tasks when it comes to birthday parties, it's not worth that extra stress! 

I'm trying to be better about documenting our memories in "family home videos". Which basically just means I'm recording more on my phone and then storing them on youtube. Haha! Modern mom right?

Anyway, here is some of what I got from his birthday party! I've had a few of you say you miss seeing the kids since I'm not posting on instagram so I thought I would share it here! Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh Britney! Your kids remind me so much of mine! Brody turned 5 in March and Lylah will be 2 in August. Brody would have those same responses on video when I asked him questions and Lylah can definitely hold her own like Chloe! We both have these sweet loving little boys and these sassy fun loving girls! It's so crazy how you can create two little people who have opposite personalities but also some similarities. Jake's birthday party looked like a blast! Your kids will treasure all of these memories with you capturing them on video! I need to learn how to upload videos to YouTube. I'm out of space on my phone ��

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