Britney's Weekly Amazon Finds (June 4th)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Heyyyyyy girl hey!!!!

I'm totally kidding. I'd NEVER start out a blogpost like that. Or conversation. In fact, I almost never say will say, "Hey girl" like EVER because it makes me feel like one of those girls who adds random people on facebook to try and sell them something from their MLM company.



Oh crap, I'm totally a Rodan and Fields consultant now. Just know guys, I haven't completely switched to the dark side! I still hate the sterotypical MLM's! I'm still on your side! Haha! Freaking Rodan and Fields, why do they have to have such amazing skincare. WHY?!

Ok ok, enough of that. I'm here today to recap on all my past amazon finds since last post. Let me know if I forget about any of them! Also, how great is that new feature on instagram that makes it so you can just swipe up and go straight to the amazon link?! So great.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig
Alright, so I totally support getting a real live fiddle leaf fig. That's what I have! BUT they do require love and attention. And a semi green thumb. So if you have a brown thumb (wait, is that racist?). EDIT: if you can't keep plants alive for the life of you... then you need to get this Fiddle Leaf Fig. It was recommended by my interior design friend Jennifer Stagg. She has it in her living room and it looks bomb. Just make sure when you get it that you seperate and fan out the leaves a bit more like her! Check out her instagram @jenniferstagg for fiddle leaf fig inspo!

2. Hanging Planters
If you haven't noticed yet my style is very minimalist. I don't like a lot of extra designs or colors on whatever I'm decorating with. I feel like it's too distracting! I love these hanging pots because they are so simple that the focus will be on whatever you PLANT in them. How cute would these be hanging off your front porch with some petunias trailing off them??

3. Mexican Blanket

These are so trendy right now... perfect to lay on the grass for a picnic/t-ball game/soccer game. And they are cute too!

4. Linen Dress

Also trendy. I love the way they hang so they don't show off my mummy tummy ;) what?! It's the truth! I don't have time to worry about constantly sucking my stomach in! I have two crazy kids to chase around! I love these with some cute leather sandals. I have the blush and the black color! It's true to size! I'm 5'11" and mine hits right below my knees... but because of the style of the dress I feel like it can be rocked anywhere between a maxi and a midi. Ya know?

5. Portable Playard

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen my insta video of Chloe sticking both her legs out of the holes in our prior pack in play net... So I decided it was time to get a new one! I believe in conscious consumerism, and when I say that I mean we should put a lot of thought into each one of our purchases! Is it built to last? What's the warranty like? Is it going to go out of style? Does it match my house?

Yeah yeah, you are probably laughing. "A stylish playard?! Is she nuts?!" And the answer to that is... maybe! Haha! But like I said I don't like having busy patterns and stuff in my house! I like everything to be cohesive... whether it's my couch or my playard!

So after a lot of research I decided on the Joovy playard. I like it because it has TEN square feet of room in there! It's a square instead of a rectangle so it gives your baby more room to be "free" (while of course, still being contained in a baby prison cell). It also has an awesome warranty and get this... IT'S JUST BLACK AND WHITE! Finally!!

6. Work Out Leggings

People always told me, "Once you go lulu you'll never go back." I got a pair of lululemons... and as much as I like to be the nonconformist... I do love them. They are worth every single dollar. About 130 of them to be exact.

BUT I can't live with myself dropping hundreds of dollars on leggings all the time. I just can't. So I went on the search for some alternatives. I'm in a group on FB called "The Wives Club" or something like that. Someone asked for good work out leggings that AREN'T SEE THROUGH. Ain't no body want to see that! Except for that pervy guy at the gym, he probably does. And if we are talking about pervy guys at the gym that's probably a good 90% of the male population there.

Anyway, the final consensus was this brand of leggings! I ordered the cranberry color (which for the record is more of a hot pink then a cranberry... but I still like it) and they are totally thick and not see through! I mean, if you ordered too many sizes down than you may have a problem but for me they were great! True to size, they don't slide down on your waste, AND they are high rise tummy control. HELLO. Like spanx, but leggings.

7. Self Tanner

In my 27 years of age I feel like I've tried most of the self tanners out there. My recent favorite is the Rodan and Fields one (no not because I'm a consultant) but because it has hints of red in it so it looks like a real fresh baked tan! It's 26 bucks a pop SO I get it if you're trying to save a few extra dollars. In that case I love this one! It's color is similar to the Rodan and Fields... it's bronze without looking grey or green... yet it's not orange either! It's just right! My arms and shoulders always tan so fast... but my legs?? Pasty. Especially my thighs! Since I don't have time to lay out in the sun like I did as a teenager (and since I have more brain cells now and don't want skin cancer) this self tanner is the perfect alternative! Since I posted I had a few people say they use the foaming tanswise too and love it!

8. Swimsuit Cover Up

I love this cover up because it has some Nena and Co charm to it! I love how the fabric has a linen look to it and that cute design down the middle!! So cute! Perfect for the pool or the beach.

Alrighty! I think that's it! It's almost midnight so I'm going to try and get to bed. I have a date with BBG tomorrow morning and it's leg day. Yikes!  I love feedback on what Amazon Finds you like the most or would like me to feature more! Make sure you are following me on instagram @britneymunday to see them on my story first, sometimes they end up selling out before I can get them on my weekly round up!

As always, thanks for you support! I love you guys!

Britney Munday


  1. I never actually tried using amazon .. Imean its looks relaible enough and people really do purchase things from there but i just never did it .. but i will try now that you have said it .. hope it is good

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