Britney's Amazon Finds... Father's Day Edition!

Friday, June 9, 2017

You guys asked for it... so here it is. Amazon Finds Father's Day Edition! Why are guys so hard to buy for?! I took the guess work out of what to get those special guys in your life and made a list of 20 different ideas to gift the men in your life for father's day!

Is your love language gift giving? I LOVE giving gifts. Even more than I love receiving gifts! I love putting thought into that special gift and then watching the receivers face light up as they open it. That's why I decided to go through and put together a Amazon Find post directed towards Father's Day!

I was at a lost of what to get my dad and my husband... so I started asking around. I asked on Instagram and I asked on a FB group I'm in. And I got some BOMB ideas from it that I'm so excited to share with you! And all but one are prime eligible! Maybe you like window shopping through the mall trying to find a meaningful gift... but not me! I have two crazy kids so if it's not on amazon it's probably not going to happen.

They range in price... but I got to thinking... my dad has done SO MUCH for me and my brother. I would say that every decision he has made has been to benefit me and my brother in some way or another. He has worked countless hours to provide for us, came to every basketball/baseball/dance competition, pushed us on the swing set when he'd probably rather be watching Seinfeld or the History channel. Haha!! Basically what I'm trying to say is... I really owe him. So for me a well thought out gift is a small price to pay in comparison to everything I have... and everything I am because of him. 

Dad... are you reading this?! Don't! It will spoil the surprise! If you know the guys in my life PLEASE DON'T RUIN THE SURPRISE! K here it goes!

1. Ancestory DNA Kit
My father-in-law was adopted as a baby... we've always wondered about his heritage... what countries were his ancestors from? He just says all he knows is his birth dad was tall, dark, handsome and very athletic. Hahaha! I'm so excited about this gift because I know he is going to LOVE IT! I can't wait to give it to him! 

2. Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone
K, I had never heard of this until a friend on instagram told me about it. Apparently you grill your meat on it and it makes it taste AMAZING! It's considered to be the purest salt in the world that has it's own natural minerals in it to enhance the flavor of your food. You literally cook your meat on top of it and your food naturally absorbs it! Burgers, steak, scallops, carne asada... you can cook it all on here! Just make sure you never put the cold salt stone on a hot grill... it will crack! It needs to be warmed up slowly. My dad loves grilling and smoking food... so I'm definitely going to be getting him this!

3. Toilet Night Light
We saw this on an infomercial and cracked up laughing so my mom bought it for us for Christmas as a gag gift. Well... jokes on us! We actually do love it! Hahah!!

4. Amazon Echo
So I won this at a giveaway... if I knew how much we were going to love it we would have bought it along time ago! It's a hands-free speaker that you control with your voice. It connects to the Alexa voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more! So basically you first say, "Alexa" and then you say whatever you want her to do. She connects to your prime account and plays any music you want, on demand. We love Michael Buble so we usually say, "Alexa, play Michael Buble" and then she answers "Shuffling Michael Buble" and provides us with the perfect soundtrack. And she understands almost everything you say! One day I randomly said, "Alexa do you know how to rap" and she started rapping haha! I'm obsessed with her. She's basically the other woman. Every house needs an Alexa! Also, the sound on the Echo is AMAZING. For good sound quality make sure you bite the bullet and get the echo instead of the dot.

She's constantly learning new things and updating herself. You can order pizza from dominos, request a ride from uber, open your garage with garageio, control your smart home, search yelp for you, tell you movie showtimes, read you audio books from audible... I'm just obsessed with her. If I could have one in every room I would. 100%!

5. Poo-pourri
Also a gag gift that's actually the best thing ever. Have you ever used poo-pourri before? If not you're missing out. Every woman should carry one in your purse because no matter how refined you are your poop does not smell like roses... unless you use poo-pourri! This poo-pourri gift-set is called the "Master Crapsman"... so if your family is immature like mine this would be a hit! It really does work and it smells amazing! Who knows... this would probably benefit YOU even more than it benefits him hahaha.

6. Back Shaver
While I was scrolling through amazon searching for gifts I ran across this one... GENIUS! My hubs is always recruiting me to help keep his back baby skin smooth... but if he could do it himself?! Even better! 

7. Nose Hair Trimmer
No I'm for real. You don't really love the men in your life if you're letting them walk around with black hairs sticking out of their nostrils. Haha! This is something that they will probably laugh about when they open it and then actually end up loving. In fact, put together the poo-pourri, toilet night light, and then this noise trimmer and you have got yourself a SOLID fathers day gift basket! Haha!

8. Car Vacuum Cleaner
Does our hubs/dad/father in law love his car? Are they OCD about keeping it spotless? Then I have a gift idea for you! A portable car vacuum cleaner! I went through and found the best reviewed one... and this one looks like it's a hit! Heck... I need one of these for myself! 

9. Minimalist Wallet
My husband is obsessed with this style of wallet. It's the only one he will use. It's so thin and even blocks thief's from using RFID signals and stealing your credit card and drivers license information. This one is made with 100% cowhide leather!

10. Matching Father and Son Skinny Ties
They have the cutest matching ties on right now. I thought it was such a sweet idea so I found some on amazon! If your hubs is anything like mine they would love showing up to church in matching ties with their little guy. If you click shop now you will see other color options... I like the Red and Blue striped one!

11. Wemo Light Swtich
This is one of those gadgets that works with the Amazon Echo that I talked about above! This lightswitch uses your wifi network so you can control your lights from anywhere in the world. There is no subscription required, just install the light switch and control it from your smart phone or tablet. Or Amazon Echo!

12. Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Set
My husband is constantly complaining that he can't find the nail clippers or tweezers. And at this price it would be the perfect gift for him! Everything in one place!

13. Chipping Net
My dad is an avid golfer and is always looking for ways to improve his game. I got this for him a couple years ago and it was an awesome gift! 

14. Putt-A-Bout
Also a good gift idea for that guy that loves golfing!

15. YETI tumbler
My husband and I got this tumbler a couple weeks ago and we love it! It keeps your drinks ice cold (or your coffee piping hot) for "as long as science allows" as they say! I love the 30 oz one because I hate having to continually keep filling it up (I use mine for cold water) but if your guy would want it for coffee you could definitely get away with the 20 oz one! They stainless steel, double insulated, so they don't "sweat" and they fit perfectly in your cup holder!

16. Knock Off Swell Bottle
I love my swell bottle... and I've gifted swell bottles a few times. But the other day I decided to take a chance and get an "off brand" flask and see how it compared. EXACTLY THE SAME AS MY SWELL BOTTLE. At half the price! Can you believe that! Like the yeti tumbler it's made of stainless steel, vacuum insulated and double walled... but this one has a screw on top so there are no spills. This is great for a guy that would want to throw it into his bag and not worry about spilling! I also feel like the top makes it so it keeps ice in it even longer than the Yeti Tumbler. Literally I think our record in this knock of bottle is like 20 hours of ice! Isn't that crazy?? Get the 25 oz one because the other one is a little small!

17. Fitbit
Does your husband/dad love working out in one way or another? He'd love this! This fitbit tracks their heart rate and fitness level to determine day long calorie burn. It also monitors your sleep quality to determine how your whole routine adds up. It's large display helps you stay connected with call, text, and calendar alerts. I have an apple watch and love it... but this is a much more affordable option of great qualtiy!

18. Keurig 
If your guy is a coffee drinker they need a keurig... simple as that. And get them that YETI tumbler to go along with it!

19. Outdoor Speaker
Does your guy need some tunes while he's out working in the yard or grilling? This Outdoor Tech speaker is a portable, water resistant, bluetooth speaker with great ratings! It has an internal rechargeable lithium battery that gives you 16 hours of tunes as well as serves as a backup power bank for your phone!

20. Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves
Forget dealing with all those grilling tools... just use your hands! These gloves can withstand heat 932 degrees F!

Hope you enjoy these finds! I'm sorry if there are spelling or grammar errors... My kids are dying to go out and have some fun so I'm out of here! I'd love to hear what you decide to get and if you have any ideas to add as well! Another thing I will be doing for the dad's in my life is printing out and framing a picture of their kids and grandkids... because above all these material goods and most importantly is FAMILY! Write your dad and husband a nice note to let them know how you appreciate everything they do for your and your family... don't let them go a day without them knowing how much you love them.

Thanks for reading!



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