Britney's Weekly Amazon Finds (April 4th)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind! I recently put a pause on the BBG work out program I was doing (by Kayla Itsines) and started running again. Running is so hard to get back into, sheesh! I'm signed up for the Ogden Half Marathon May 20th so I'm really trying to cruise to get into half marathon shape. Even with my walk breaks it's hard work! I do love it though, the "runners high" is real guys!

Other than that we had Sam and Jake's birthday party last week. We hired out a bouncy castle and put it down in my in-laws indoor basketball court, he loved it! It was so fun for him to have all of his little friends around, and it was so fun for us to have all of our big friend around. And yes, Sam and Jake have the exact same birthday! I had to be induced for gestational hypertension at 38 weeks and it just happened to be Sam's birthday. Isn't that crazy? You definitely tell they are cut from the same fabric. I'm a total believer in horoscopes (anyone else?!) and sometimes it's hard to have two exact same horoscopes in the same house haha!

Other than that we've just been getting ready to go on a trip with our friends Em and Carl Fillerup and their little boys, we are going to California and Disneyland and are so excited! We got an airbnb in Anaheim just minutes away from Disney. I'll do a post about it when I get back!

I almost forgot to mention, one of my latest ventures has been signing up as a Rodan + Fields consultant. I tried their skincare and was hooked! So if you've been looking into Rodan + Fields here is a link to their products . I can help you with any questions you have and help you find a skincare system that is right for you. I always swore I'd NEVER sign up under and MLM... but then I tried their products and had to eat all my words. They really are amazing! If you have any questions e-mail me through here or DM me on instagram and I can help you. Or if you're looking to join as a consultant as well I'd love to have you on my team!

K back to Amazon, so we have a few finds to catch up on!

1. Turkish Beach Towels

Have you heard of turkish beach towels? They're the new trendy beach towels, and for a good reason! They ditch the mentality of traditional "fluffy" beach towels for an alternative thin, light weight towel. They are so much easier to pack in your bag while going to the beach or pool, heaven knows we already have way too many things (and children) to keep track of! You will be so surprised at how small and lightweight this product is, when I first got my box I was like there is NO WAY the towels are in here. They fold up so small it's great! I tested out the absorbency as well and they are still perfectly absorbent. The only downfall I can think of is if it's a cold day they aren't going to keep you insanely warm... so bring them out on the hot days when you just need a towel to dry off! 

2. Clear Umbrella

I'm just picturing some super cute pictures with this thing! I mean obviously it's functional too but can't you imagine some cute family pictures with it sprinkling outside, the kids in some rain boots, and some bright colored tulips blooming behind you? Yeah, you need this umbrella.

3. Baseball Cap

It's no secret that I hate having any kind of screen printing, logos, designs, etc on my clothes and my children clothes. I seriously have an aversion to it haha! So any time I can find a cute clothing item or accessory without some silly kind of branding I'm all over it. This hat was a perfect fit and a cute accessory to any outfit. It also goes really well with greasy roots if you catch my drift. Haha!

4. Swimsuit

My mommy body isn't anywhere near where it used to be prior to having kids. And I'm ok with that! I'm not ashamed of that. I love my body for being able to create my two perfect children. The problem is, sometimes with that mom bod (and nursing tatas) it can prove challenging to find a swimsuit I feel comfortable in. I ordered this swimsuit for california and I love the ruching on it, it accentuates all the right areas! It's true to size, maybe even a touch big. I ordered a 10 and I could have probably gotten away with an 8. There is a built in bra but it doesn't lift the girls back up to pre baby state... but that's ok! It has enough padding that you won't be scaring children at the pool when it's cold. Too far?

5. Midi Dress

I feel like this midi dress can be flattering on any body type. I got the black in a size large and it's just a good, simple, closet stable. You can dress it up with heels or down with a pair of converse. It would be great with a cute kimono or cardigan as well!

6. Media Cabinet

Whenever I post insta videos in my living room I always get questions about where I got my media cabinet. I thought that it had been discontinued but I found it here on amazon! We've loved it. It has ample space to store toys in as well as holes for wiring to the TV and consoles. It's great! It comes in three separate pieces but put together looks perfect. They surprisingly have some cute media cabinets on amazon! 

Hope you enjoyed this round up! As always, thanks for reading and for your continual support!

XOXO Britney Munday


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