Britney's Weekly Amazon Finds (April 30th)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hey guys!! It's time for another Amazon round up. As you probably already know when I first post the item it will be on my instagram story and I'll link it to my bio. But that link is only temporarily so after that I come here and relink all the past items I've talked about. This round up has some good items I'm excited for, so here we go!

It's no secret that I love Birkenstock sandals. Trendy and comfortable? Yes please! Here's the thing though, I can't jive with that price tag! Over 100 dollars for a sandal? I mean I'm sure they are great quality but I can't bring myself to pay that much. SO until I win the lottery... knock off birkenstock sandals! I mean they look pretty much exactly the same to me. I like them in the color "black paris" because I prefer to have neutral items that will go with everything!

I think I've tried almost every purple shampoo out there. Joico's color was awesome but it didn't lather and make it feel like I even washed my hair, shimmer lights always left a nasty residue in my hair and left it feeling like straw, Tigi's didn't have great pigment... but then I got my hands on this and the heavens opened! All the heart eyes. After I went to california my hair was starting to look like a Hulk Hogan yellow (thanks travel size tresseme shampoo... washed my toner straight out!). I didn't think that a shampoo would be able to retone my hair back to the white blonde I like but this one did! PLUS it lathers great, smells good, and my hair feels healthy after using it! 100% you need this shampoo if you feel like your hair is getting brassy. It's a favorite now!

I'm super picky about my hats, I don't like anything too obnoxious but not too boring either. I've had this hat for about a year now and it's a favorite. It says it's an orange color but it's definitely more of a peachy pink color. Great quality as well!

4. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Lately I've been on a journey of simplifying and minimizing my life and possessions. I feel like I end up collecting so much unnecessary and unneeded items and it ends up just contributing to my stress. I've noticed myself that when my house is tidy and clean I'm happier, my kids are happier, my husband is happier... we are overall able to enjoy life more! This woman talks about tidying your home in a way that isn't a total bore and motivates you to get up and do it. I'm about halfway through and I love it! If you saw my recent closet purge on Instagram stories it's because of this book. I think everyone should read it, especially mothers! We need simplification in our lives!

I found this dress and just thought it would be so cute as a swimsuit cover up this summer! Look at the cute tassels! Perfect with those birkenstock knock off's that I linked above! Then get yourself a turkish beach towel and you're set! Hottest and trendiest mom at the pool! Haha!

6. My couch!

 I've had so many questions on where I got my couch in my living room... and I don't blame you... It's really a good find! I can't take all the credit for it, my sister in law Kaley was actually the one that found it first! Now she has it, I have it, and my friend Em Fillerup has it too! Lucky for you guys... I just found it on Amazon with FREE SHIPPING. *insert happy dance*. This really is an amazing couch for the price. It looks modern thanks to the color and sides, the back cushions are attached so your crazy children aren't tempted to pull them off, the color is great for hiding any accidental spills from said children. It's awesome! It's kind of a salt and pepper look when you look at it really close so it's great for hiding any potential stains... and on that note it cleans well too! I've used our carpet cleaner on it before (it has a specific attachment for furniture) and it's cleaned it perfectly. It also has a great amount of seating for entertaining or for when you just want to stretch out. Have I sold you on it yet? Haha! It's a good one. We just got rid of the pillows it came with and got some cute ones from target.

In my opinion everyone needs a good carpet cleaner. I shiver thinking of the nasty crap that gets in our carpet. Even if you take your shoes off... feet germs galore! And especially having kids crawl and roll around on that... you need to have a good carpet cleaner. I got this one a few months ago and I've been so impressed with it. It gets up SO MUCH dirt! And I use it on our fabric furniture and it works perfectly. What did I do without it? Well, I borrowed my parents actually. That's what I did. But then my brother got us a giftcard for Christmas and this was the first thing I bought haha! Thanks Trevor! 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks amazon finds! Let me know your favorite down in the comments, or let me know what you'd like me to share more of! 

Also, as always, thanks for your continual love and support! I love you guys!!


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