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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So I was going to wait until I saw results to shared this meal plan but you guys wanted to know what I've been following so here it is!! 💪🏼 Jump on the bandwagon to better health with me!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a health coach nor do I intend to be. This is simply a meal plan I am personally following. This meal plan was modified by me to meet my individual needs. Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise or meal plan. 

Ok, now we've got the legalities out of the way, let's get to it! Of course, the goal is better health and a leaner body composition. I've been doing Kayla Itsines BBG exercise plan (currently on week 7 and love it!) but her meal plan wasn't quite up my alley... you have to have foods on your meal plan that you actually like! I like this meal plan because it feels doable for on-the-go moms... plus most of the things you can get at Costco! SCORE. Vegetables can be added freely to the plan.

MEAL 1: Breakfast (9 AM)
1 G2G bar
1 premier protein shake 

MEAL 2: Lunch (12 PM)
1 wheat sandwich thin 
2 oz of sliced turkey
1 light laughing cow cheese
1/2 medium tomato (sliced)
Cucumber sliced
1 oz avocado 
1 apple

MEAL 3: Afternoon snack (3 PM)
Combat chocolate cake protein bar 

MEAL 4: Dinner (6 PM)
1 cup green vegetable (broccoli, asparagus, spinach, green beans, etc...)
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
4 oz lean white meat (chicken, turkey, tilapia)

MEAL 5: Evening snack (9 PM)
4 egg whites 
1 orange

Here are the stats broken down 
on the app Myfitnesspal

If you add an extra G2G bar (nursing mom) refer to the chart below.

The thing I love about this meal plan is I feel HEALTHIER on it. Not only am I meeting my macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) but I'm meeting most of my micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). I also take a multivitamin nightly, as well as vitamin D3, fish oil, and B6. I will link to the Amazon products and doses I take below.

Generally speaking if you are nursing you want to be hitting around at least 1800 calories. I typically add in one more G2G bar... it has those good fats that are beneficial for nursing moms. I mean it's not hard to get in a few extra calories if you catch my drift 😉.  DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. I do allow myself a Diet Coke once a day (if needed) but I should just stick to water! One thing that has helped me get my water ounces in so much is my swell bottle (and this is NOT sponsored!). I know, it's ridiculous. A water bottle that expensive could never be worth it! At least that's what I thought... then I got one for Christmas. Un-real. Fill it up with ice and water and there is STILL ICE in it after 12 hours. I take mine with me everywhere I go and out of habit (and because it's so cold) I find myself drinking it all the time. If you get one make sure you get a swell one though because the other ones are knock offs and don't work as good (made with aluminum instead of stainless steel).

Another thing... Be gentle on yourself! One bad meal (or day) shouldn't cause you to fall off the wagon! Everything in moderation. The "all or nothing" mentality is a very dangerous way of thinking when it comes to food because it sets the stage for binges. If you are going crazy for a food and can't get it out of your mind, allow yourself some. But set limits (example: don't eat the whole pizza/jar of Nutella). And don't let it happen too frequently! I'll admit that Friday and Saturday nights are my nights to eat out with my loved ones. I don't believe in not living your life because your following a meal plan, live your life! Just know that those cheat meals may slow down your weight loss, BUT that's not the end of the world. Eat healthier for better health not just weight loss! When you eat out ideally we should try and get a healthier option (meat + veggies) but if you really want something else... don't restrict yourself! Get your feel and then jump right back on the bandwagon after, it's not lacing without you. You're the driver! No one can lead you to better health but yourself. 

On another note, you can get creative with the foods you are allowed. Just try not to add too many extra calories! Some sauce here and there isn't the end of the world. In fact one of my favorite things to do is add some wishbone Italian dressing on my lunch sandwich! If you are a sauce person (like me) try the Bolthouse Farms yogurt dressings... low in calories but high in flavor 👍🏼

As I go I will be posting and relinking different "recipes" that meet requirements to this meal plan. No, they will not be anything fancy. Just some super basic stuff but HEY if you didn't know to put lemon pepper on your tilapia that DOES make a huge difference. 😂😜

I went through and took pictures of all the foods you need and that you can get at Costco. No not sponsored by Costco... I wish! BTW costco if you are listening I'm really trying to save up for an outdoor patio set so........... hit me up. Hahah.

There is only one thing you CAN'T get at costco... and they are the Combat bars. I like the chocolate cake combat bar... it's pretty good considering. And you know I'm picky about my protein bars! You can buy them on Amazon for a fairly good price, I'll link it here.Or you can find the at your local health food store. 


Costco Grocery Haul

The last two are snacks I throw in if I'm desperate to snack on something. The bags of jerky are 90 calories each with 14 grams of protein. As for the pretzel crisps I have one serving (100 calories) and dip it in two of those light laughing cow cheeses. Scrumptious!

OBVIOUSLY you can get most of these things at any grocery store. I mean... do you need to get precooked and peeled boiled eggs? No. Is it convenient?? Yes!

When it comes to dinner I try and cook dinner the day of... but exceptions come up. Or what I like to call #survivalmommode comes up. And instead of going through the drive thru... make your own healthy frozen meals ahead of time! I got some meal prep containers from Amazon (link) and I just put in my cooked-ahead-of-time dinner in there and throw it in the freezer. To cook it I put chicken in the crockpot, rice in the rice cooker, steam broccoli... and then portion it out according to the meal plan measurements.

I had a question asking what I do for my kids when I'm eating healthier. I just give them the same thing! Only since I have a skinny kid I'm trying to bulk up I'll find a way to add extra butter, oil, or cheese to it. Ironically Jake's favorite foods literally are chicken, broccoli, and rice so I'm not sure how the worked out. 🤔

Anyway, that's the meal plan! I'd love to hear if you decide to follow it and/if it works for you. For a more specified meal plan I recommend speaking to a health coach and having your individual macronutrients calculated for you. We're all in this together and though I've lost 60 pounds before (and know I can) I'm still at the start of my journey this time around. So join me! We can do it. 💪🏼 And we will!

XOXO Britney

P.S. I posted a instastory today of Jake's bike and a lot of you wanted to know where we got it. Here it is below! I love it. It's so sleek and it's gender neutral for when Chloe can begin to ride. Great quality as well. And of course it's from amazon because what don't I get from amazon. Haha! 

and this is the helmet we got... in matte black and size small



  1. Where did you go to get your macro numbers? I would love to get mine done! Also thanks for sharing your meal plan! :) I hope my Costco gets those g2g bars, I'm dying to try them because they get raved about all the time and the Kirkland brand protein bars make me want to gag!

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