Weekly Amazon Favorites (February 11th)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

If you don't already follow me on instagram (@britneymunday) DO IT NOW. Because though I love you loyal subscribers, I haven't been updating my blog as great as I update my instagram stories. So those of you that do follow me there, you said you wanted it, so here I am! 

I am a self proclaimed Amazon Prime freak. The combination of being introverted and mother to two young children has me making Amazon Prime as our primary lifeline. IT'S SO GOOD. It's like Christmas when I see that UPS man rolling through the neighborhood. If you don't have amazon prime you need to get it, like now.

On my instagram the other day a lot of you said you wanted to know what I order off of there so I'm going through my orders right now trying to figure out where to start... I don't even know WHERE TO START. THERE IS SO MUCH. Don't tell my husband. Every time he sees a package come to the door he's saying "Britttttney........? What did you order?" 

Hahaha. In my defense I'm pretty sure I spend LESS money going through amazon because I'm comparing and making sure I get the most bang for my buck. Ya know? Men...

Ok ok, enough talking. This post will be directed towards the health and fitness stuff I have purchased recently because if you follow me on instagram you know that is what I'm most passionate about recently!

I had plans to take and post pictures of the items in our home but it's 9 PM and #badlighting. Next time friends, next time.

K, let us get started.


I live in Utah and lately our air has been TERRIBLE. Have you ever heard of a red air day? It means DON'T DRIVE UNNECESSARILY, DON'T WORK OUT OUTSIDE, KEEP YOUR BABIES AND ELDERLY INSIDE... because the air is CRAP. Smog on smog on smog. If you don't know what smog is, it's what us Utahns call fog and pollution... mixed together into one  big grey nast covering all our air. My little family had been sick since new years eve when I made this purchase, and I contributed a lot of it to the terrible pollution we were being forced to breath in. Isn't that gross? You have no choice but to breath the worst air in the country. :( I figured I couldn't control what the air was like outside, but I could control what it was like INSIDE. So I got these air purifiers. No only do they filter out nasty pollution and odors... but they have a UV light that kills airborne GERMS. Yas. Yasssss. Plus I thought they looked pretty sleek and modern considering some of the other options. For what it's worth, me and my family haven't got sick again since ordering them. If you live in Utah, you need this. 


Since we had been sick NON STOP I figured it was time to invest in a new humidifier. We have a vicks steam humidifier but it requires that the water gets so hot and the thought of one of the kids getting a hold of it FREAKS ME OUT. So I decided to get this one below. I will say that it was smaller than I initially thought i was going to be but it works really well and doesn't require any nasty filters that end up getting moldy and gross. It also has a nightlight option that proves really useful for sick kiddos. I've really liked it so far and it's a great size to put in a nursery or kids room.


Alrighty, if you're not in the market of losing weight than this might not apply to you. I, however, am in the process of losing my baby weight and part of my meal plan requires that I measure certain foods (like for lunch I'm supposed to have exactly 2 oz of turkey on my sandwich and for dinner I'm supposed to have 6 oz of lean meat). SOOOO. I needed a good digital scale. After doing some searching I decided to get this one. I liked that it had no grooves that old nasty food could get in and be difficult to clean. It also got good reviews. So cha ching! I've been using it for the past two weeks and really like it. It's very user friendly and has an option to "zero out" if you want to put a plate on it first before putting your food on. Plus it comes with it's own batteries. 


So if you follow me on instagram you know I've started the BBG program by Kayla Istines. And no, I can never spell her name right. And yes, I'm too lazy to look it up right now. ANYWAYS. I love it. It's awesome. It's just what I needed. It has three days a week of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and two to three days a week of LISS (low intensity steady state cardio--like walking). Though I haven't see much difference in the scale I have seen a difference in my body. SO. I decided to get these to measure my body fat and waist circumference etc... I actually am measuring my circumferences (waist, thigh, arms) weekly (EVERY MONDAY) to check my progress. I write it down in the notes on my phone and then work my butt off (literally) to try and lose some inches by the next week. I know I'm replacing fat with muscle so if the scale isn't reflecting that I like to be able to see it through another unit of measurement. Ya dig?


As part of eating healthy it is smart to have some healthy dinners packed and refrigerated (or frozen) to grab if worse comes to worse and you don't want to cook. Because the meal plan I'm on requires my dinners to be a lean meat, dark green vegetable and brown rice I usually pack mine with just that! I'll throw my chicken breasts in the crockpot, shred them, portion them into the containers (6 oz each), then fill the other compartment with 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice, and the other one with steamed broccoli. It's fool proof! I've found that if I don't have some healthy meals prepared then when I'm having a #survivalmommode day I usually end up caving to some unhealthy take out. I always need some healthy meal options on hand!

K those are all my recent "health" directed amazon purchases. Next time I want to share with you some of the cute kid and baby toys I've found on there... perfect for an upcoming birthday or "just because". If you've found these review helpful, let me know below! I love hearing from you.

Thanks for reading!

I'm off to tell my husband I'm going to bed early and really am just going to sit on my phone for the next two hours online shopping or watching netflix.

Wait what?


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