My Postpartum Weight Loss (Second Time Around)

Friday, September 30, 2016

It's 9 AM and my toddler is still sleeping. My 5 month old is in the bumbo next to me playing with one of those crinkly baby books. My pantry looks like something that has been raided from apocalyptic zombies so my current breakfast is diet Dr Pepper and a pack of cashews nuts from Costco.

...and now my toddler is awake shouting from the top of the stairs saying he's so hungry.

Cheerios and a capri sun it is. I tried to go grocery shopping yesterday but by the time I got everyone in the car and started driving I literally couldn't even muster up the energy to brave the grocery store with a 5 month old and 3 year old... so we had McDonalds.

Honestly, that's a lot of how our life looks these days. We are in survival mode. Before I had kids I
 always swore I'd never be one of those mom's who says they are in survival mode. "Buck up!" I'd think. But you just don't get it until you have kids yourself. So nothing but solidarity over here girlfriend. 

Having two kids has brought on a whole new set of challenges when it comes to losing the baby weight. I'm breastfeeding so I have to be very wise about my feeding intervals, I usually feed her right before I leave and then my husband will call me mid work out and say she is getting fussy. She doesn't take a bottle so I usually have to just pick up and leave once she is acting hungry.

Oh wait... Remember how I said she was sitting in the bumbo next to me? Well it sounds like Mount Saint Helens is exploding in her diaper right now... So excuse me while I go address that. 

Ok I'm back. As soon as I stood up my 3 year old yelled at me from the bathroom, "I WENT PART!!"  In case you are wondering what part means it's actually a word created by him... it stands for poo and fart. SO that little writing break was actually a TWO BUM WIPING writing break. Now that all the humans I'm responsible for have taken care of their bowels I should have some time to write.

*cracks open second diet dr pepper*

*notes that it's only 9:15 in the morning*

Ok. back to the weight loss thing. It's hard. It's hard when you have two young children who literally need you every waking minute. That being said, I feel so much better during the day when I do get to get some time to myself and work out or go to the gym. I've been trying to go in the morning before everyone wakes up, I'll feed Chloe right before and then bounce out to the gym while my husband can still be home with both of them.

I usually either walk for an hour or do the elliptical for an hour. I keep my HR lower in the fat burning zone... usually between 140 and 160. And after that I go and do some weights. On the days I make it to the gym I follow the Jamie Eason live fit lifting program. You can follow it too! I can't rave enough about it, it's great for someone who has been at the gym for years or someone who is there for their first time. Download the body space app, go to programs and add the "Jamie Eason live fit" program. It's amazing. 


Have I lost weight? Well, to put it simply last night I was scavenging through my drawers looking for a pregnancy test because it seems as if I'm GAINING WEIGHT! Ugh. To tell you the truth losing the weight right now ISN'T my top  priority right now, being able to nurse Chloe is my top priority. I've talked to a few women that have said they actually gain weight while nursing, unfortunately it seems as though I may be one of those *shakes fist at genetics*. That's ok, I'm just going to keep on working out and doing it for my WELL BEING instead of how my body looks. And if I happen to lose weight during that then that will just be a welcomed side effect. Honestly I think that's a healthier relationship to have with exercising anyway, do it because you love your body, make it a habit, and then everything else will come on it's own. 

Ya dig? I have 45 pounds to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight... but while I'm nursing Chloe and holding on to those pounds the best thing I can do for my body (and mind) is to love my body no matter how it looks on the outside. My body is so much more valuable to me than simply something "nice" to look at. It breaths, beats and operates seamlessly. It's created two of my most treasured things in life, my children. And no matter what my body looks like, I love my body for all it has done for me.

xoxo Britney


  1. I have a 2 year old and a 7 week old. I can totally relate. Survival mode here too. The nights are long and the days are longer. Especially when Daddy gets home from work late. I often times have to remind myself that babies don't keep and that I should enjoy every moment, but it's certainly easier to enjoy some days than others. As you know there's nothing like being a mom. Every smile, every kiss and every smell of their sweet faces makes everything with it all. Our most precious gifts... No greater joy. You look great by the way. You're an adorable mom!

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  3. With all the celebrities claiming that breastfeeding made the pounds fall off I just laugh. Why would your body not want to preciously guard those fat stores when feeding another human? When my son stopped breastfeeding it felt like I took off a winter coat's worth chub. Not to mention the extra sleep I finally got made me feel like I could run a marathon or two. We need to tell more moms to go easy on your body in this tough time. Your realistic and gentle approach this time around are refreshing! If you hate the way your body is why would you be motivated to take care of it? Love the skin you are in and take care of it because of how much you love it.

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