Bargain Fashion: Red long sleeve midi dress

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November 1st! You know what this means? We can start thinking of Christmas and not be completely condemned. Wahoo! I thought this dress would be perfect for the upcoming holidays and just because. It's long sleeved so perfect for the cool weather plus the red is such a beautiful vibrant color. 

Before I finish that let me talk about our halloween! It was our first halloween in our new neighborhood and shout out to our neighborhood, they're awesome! People were grilling hot dogs in their drive way for random passerby's to have, others had a full haunted house set up in their living room. So fun to be in such a friendly neighborhood who really loves a good halloween!

We took Jake trick or treating and he was as into it as a 2 1/2 year old could be. He had fun picking out the candy but he got tired pretty quickly. I think next year will be even more fun for him.

After we went to our friend's house and had a little party on her driveway. We sat around a fire and had homemade chilli, apple cider and fresh scones with honey butter. It was a halloween for the memory books!

Jake wanted to be ironman… i'm not sure where he got that idea because he has never even seen the movie but he loved dressing up as him! 

So back to the dress. I got it on and it's only 13 dollars. Ooooh yeah. For us tall girls it hits just above the knee and any other average height girl it would probably be right below the knee or midi length. Perfect length! The material is thinner so as long as you don't wear undies with obnoxious patterns you should be golden. 

Here is the link:

Dress (I got this biggest size)

I got my shoes on clearance probably 5 years ago at DSW… but i love red dresses with a brown heel. 

These shoes could be cute with it too!

Hope you all had a great halloween! And a great November 1st ;)

Thanks for reading

XOXO Britney Munday


  1. Hi! Random question but is the material super thin - like does it totally show G's lines?!

    1. So I wear spanx over the g's to cut down on lines... BUT I just learned that you can get one piece g's to wear under dresses so you don't have to worry about lines! Crazy huh?! Only certain distribution centers carry them so call before. I haven't got any yet but I've been meaning to since I live in cotton jersey dresses these days!

  2. I am totally going to go get some granny one pieces!! And some spanx too! Thanks! You look amazing in this dress! I am totally getting it, I just need to measure myself so I know what size to get!

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  4. you have such an amazing style. i always look forward to your posts to get inspiration. and the way you are pulling off the maternal look is amazing, keep us posted with more


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