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Monday, November 30, 2015

Now that I'm pregnant I'm really on the lookout for clothing that I'll be able to wear this pregnancy... and then after as well! The tunics are marked as "dresses" but for me they are short enough to be long shirts. And I love that! To get 40% off your purchase (for purchases over 49 dollars) use code "cm40". Links are listed below each item... as always I purchase the biggest size from she inside because they tend to run small... and I'm prego! That black tunic I could have got away with a size smaller. 

Floral Tunic

Black Long Sleeve Tunic

Grey Jacket

Grey Jacket with Leather Sleeves

Green Lapel Vest

I'm off to New York this week for a girls trip with all of my sisters in law... I'll be on the lookout for deals while I'm in NY and as always I'll be snapping lots of pictures along the way! To follow our NYC adventure follow me on instagram @BritneyMunday.

Off to do some laundry to pack! Thanks for reading!

XOXO Britney Munday


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