Bargain Fashion: White and Black Embroidered Midi Dress

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ok I say it's a midi dress because on me... it is a midi dress. But it's actually listed as a maxi dress. Maybe we should just call it a midaxi dress? I saw a friend at church where this dress and I was so in love with it... it looked darling on her! I don't tend to stray too far away from my fashion "comfort" zone but this is a fun statement piece. It's listed at 33 dollars but with the code "inst33" you can get 33% off which brings it to 22 dollars. Holla! Order the dress here!

FYI with this dress you will need to wear a top underneath (like my black one) and then a slip skirt under as well. The slip that it's made with is too short for my comfort so I just threw on a white one I had laying around! There are ties near the chest area... but I preferred the look of having it untied and unbuttoned!

If you like the hat and shoes you can find similar ones in this post.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are liking these bargain finds because I'm having fun sharing them with you! I feel like there is an abundance of "fashion bloggers" but hardly ANY "bargain fashion bloggers"! And honestly, who doesn't love a good inexpensive find? I'm all about that!

XOXO Britney

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