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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I know I've been absent on my blog lately... part of the reason is because I feel like I'm in an area of limbo. I created my blog to help motivate women to lose postpartum weight... and then I was going to use it to motivate women to have healthy and fit pregnancies. Then I lost my pregnancy (our little boy had trisomy 18 and I miscarried at 14 weeks) so now I'm kind of just like where do I go now on my blog?? So I decided to just give you a life update... and let you know that I appreciate you sticking around and supporting me despite my inactivity on here!

So we had our miscarriage January 2nd, yeah I know. What a way to kick off the year! And since then we have been trying to get pregnant again... with no luck. I know a lot of times after miscarriages it takes a while for your body to regulate itself again and for a while that was the case. My "time of the month" would be up to 2 weeks late sometimes. When that would happen of course I was thinking that I was pregnant and that the pregnancy tests weren't just picking it up yet. So it has been emotionally exhausting thinking that, and then finding out that my cycles were just so irregular and that I wasn't pregnant. Geeeez. Come on mother nature!

So I started drinking rasberry leaf tea... which is known to help "uterine health" and help your cycles get on a more regular schedule. Now I'm back on track... which is great! But still no luck. We've been trying 8 months now... and then I think about the fact that we've been trying since last August to get Jake a sibling and thinking about that... that's when it starts to stress me out. Of course we had the pregnancy of our little boy within that time... but a year is a while to try for something and still not have anything to show for it ya know?

That being said, I don't say that I have "infertility" I think everything is still just re-regulating itself and it will happen when it is supposed to. But for everyone wondering... YES WE ARE TRYING FOR A BABY AND HAVE BEEN SINCE JANUARY. Why would we just decide we don't want a baby anymore after losing the last one? Of course we do! At the end of the day the thing that I want the most if for Jake to have a sibling. For Jake to have a built in best friend.

I've been in contact with my OBGYN throughout this all... I worked with him as a nurse on the mother/baby floor and he delivered Jake so we have been able to develop a good relationship through all of that. I texted him a couple of months ago after we were having no luck getting those two lines on the monthly pregnancy test... he gave us some suggestions and said to try for two more months... if we didn't have luck at that point then come meet with him.

So the time has come, I have an appointment with him tomorrow. I'm interested to see what the tests say (if anything) and what he has to say as well. I'll post an update after we get results back!

 Other than that, we moved into our new house in March. That has been a HUGE blessing. We were staying in a second two bedroom apartment before... it was so hard having an active toddler in there! Now we have a yard and room for Jake to run around... it makes such a huge difference! We also got a dog named Duke... he's a goldendoodle and he's crazy. He's only 6 months right now and is nearly 60 pounds... what the H?! Full grown he was supposed to be like 65 pounds!! I think we are going to shoot right past that idea lol.

I am no longer working as a nurse on the mother/baby floor. Once I got pregnant with our last little boy (that we lost) I put in my two weeks and decided to be a stay at home mom. Honestly, it was a hard decision because I LOVE my career and love my coworkers... but for our family and with Sam's job that was just what was going to be best for us. It was actually a hard adjustment at first because I'm a very goal oriented, driven person... and being a stay at home mom is just a change of pace. Not necessarily slower, it's just different. But I've adjusted and I do love it now. I love being able to spend so much time with Jake, he truly is my best friend.

So that's just a little bit of our life update! Sorry it's a little jumbled, not my best writing but I put Jake down to bed and just wanted to do some writing on here. If you follow me on instagram you probably already knew all of that stuff... and more lol. I post so stinking much on that thing. If you want to follow me there my username is @britneymunday.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around on here! Even if all my posts right now aren't directed towards health, fitness and healthy
recipes. Even if some make up and fashion posts sneak there way on to here. Right now my blog is just a little bit of everything I love... so thanks for supporting me through it all!

As revealing as it is I love this transformation shot. I tend to carry most weight in my back so it was interesting to track the change in it. Even though my quest now involves me getting pregnant and gaining weight... My biggest goal is to maintain good health and high level of fitness through it all!

xoxo Britney

P.S. Sorry for any spelling and grammar errors. It's midnight now and I can't be bothered to read through it again!


  1. Not sure why the above comment needed to be placed on this post considering one has absolutely nothing to do with the other but whatever some people don't think about that sort of thing I suppose...

    Anyways! I just wanted to let you know that I discovered your blog a few months ago and we seem to have quite a few similarities in our lives. You are much more open about yours than I am which I applaud you for! I know how hard it can be to get pregnant and how frustrating and overwhelming it can become. My husband and I tried for 16 months to get pregnant and when we finally succeeded, we lost her (I was only 8 weeks along so we didn't know what the sex was but saying "it" just feels wrong) and then just one month shy of trying for two years we discovered we were pregnant again and I gave birth to our son in October. I wish you all the best girl and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens for you sooner rather than later! I hope you continue to be as honest and forthcoming with your readers as you have been in the past and don't let the words of one individual get you down! Best of luck!


  2. Hey you gotta do you! I'm loving all the posts so I say go with what you like it's working!

  3. I actually really love that you have incorporated more things in your blog instead of mainly just fitness, I think it feels even more real. I love seeing all the updates in your life and I hope the best for you and your husband with trying for a little one! I will keep you in my prayers!


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