French Braid Bun Video Tutorial

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some friends on instagram requested that I make a tutorial for how I do my braid/bun that I'm ALWAYS wearing. So here it is!

Once you get it down it takes you less than 3 minutes. So with my 7 minute make up routine and 3 minute hairstyle......... you now know how long it takes me to get ready every day. Let's just keep that between us shall we? ;) JK. I'm actually proud that I don't take an hour getting ready every day. What a waste of time!! 7 hours a week getting ready??? Sheesh, not for me!

Once again, I'm REALLY REALLY good at updating my instagram (too good my husband would probably say haha) so feel free to follow me over there at @BritneyMunday. Hope you enjoyed!

XOXO Britney

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