Bargain Fashion: Sunday Dress

Sunday, April 12, 2015

So remember when I said I was going to share my bargain finds with you? Here is another one! I love it because it's modest AND inexpensive. The dress does have a low back but I fixed it by wearing a black undershirt under it. I got a medium in the dress and jacket but if I ordered them again I'd get larges in both of them because they're a little snug. I got the shoes at I think Ross last year... the brand is Anne Michelle and I think they were 15 bucks! 

Dress and jacket are she inside and are 17 dollars and 26 dollars. Use code ins32 for 32 percent off your order. That brings you to 30 dollars before tax... holla!

Here are the links

if you like these posts let me know and I'll keep them coming!

Xoxo Britney


  1. Hi, Britney!! I'm Luciana and I'm from Brazil! I love your blog and your posts!! You're awesome!! I'm also a blogger... Please check my blog (it's in portuguese... sorry!) at:

  2. Super cute! Love the black and white with yellow.

  3. Just found your blog and lovin it! You and your family are so cute! Best wishes xoxo!


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