DIY Healthy Frozen Breakfast Burritos

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stop it, K? Just stop it. Stop buying into those lame Jimmy Dean "healthy" breakfast options. One, they're pricey. Two, I'm sure they're full of preservatives. And three, you can make some like these yourself for more than half the price and they're even more healthy!

It's so important to get a good source of protein in your bellies in the morning. My problem is often I just don't feel like cooking a whole big healthy breakfast. And heaven forbid if I'm feeling pregnancy sick at all... the smell of eggs cooking would probably through me for a loop.

So the other day I had the idea of cooking a bunch of breakfast burritos ahead of time, wrapping them in saran wrap, freezing them and then throwing one in the microwave when I wanted it. I must say, it was a success! I warm them up, top with some shredded cheese, guac, and a little sourcream and we're golden. ALSO, I got this mild Taco bell sauce from walmart the other day and guess what... NO CALORIES. Yep, not one. So I don't hold back and throw some all over my breakfast burrito. It was yum!

Here's what I put in my burritos

1 dozen egg whites
One bag of frozen potatoes o brien
One package of turkey bacon
 8 Tortillas of your choice

1. Cook turkey bacon. This was my first time cooking the turkey bacon... I just put it all in a skillet and cooked it until it was crispy (but not burned). My heat on my skillet was at about 350. Once they were cooked I dabbed off any excess oil and shredded the bacon.

2. Crack eggs, separate egg whites from yolks and cook on the stove. I put down a little olive oil first and added some salt and pepper to the egg whites.

3. If you're not going to be eating the breakfast burritos right then, then I suppose you don't need to cook the potatoes! I was however so I cooked the potatoes on the skillet as well, just until they were not frozen and a little browned on the edges.

4. Warm up the tortillas for 30 seconds, it makes it so they fold without breaking.

5. Divide all of the ingredients. I'd say it can make you between 6 or 8 large burritos. Wrap them up and cover in saran wrap. I placed them in a freezer safe bag after because our freezer would cover them in freezer burn otherwise.

When you're ready to eat, warm them in the microwave for two minutes, top with shredded cheese and put in for another minute. Then put whatever toppings you want with it! Hot sauce, guacamole, sour cream... whatever your heart desires. I haven't figured out the calories for the burritos... but egg whites have nearly no calories but tons of protein, turkey bacon divided would be 60 calories per burrito, the potatoes aren't calorie dense. Really most of the calories come from the tortilla but it depends on what tortilla you use. They usually range from 100 to 200! As you can see, not a calorie dense food... but delicious :)

Hope you enjoy!

XOXO Britney


  1. Okay, Britney. Coming out of lurkdom to post a comment because something in this post really stuck out to me and I just want to voice my opinion. You mentioned the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches having a considerable amount of preservatives in them, but what you put in your burritos has nearly as much (if not more) yucky, unnecessary ingredients. There are several ways you can omit the preservative-laden prepackaged food (Ore Ida, I'm looking at you here: Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate--which is a preservative known to cause allergy and asthmatic reactions, digestive disorders, nausea, and can reduce vitamin absorption). That's to say nothing of the hormones/nitrates in that turkey bacon, and the eggs. I'm not saying everyone should go all-natural or all-organic all the time, but if you're really as health-conscious as you seem, you'll pay more attention to the ingredients in your meals.

    Congrats on the new pregnancy!

    1. No way! Those are my favorite breakfast potatoes. Yeah I'll have to look closer... I suppose if you have the time you could cut up the potatoes yourself and add some peppers! I used to be a huge organic proponent but once I got married it's hard to spend all the extra money it requires to buy organic... whenever I can I head down to the organic farmers market down the street and support them. I wish they just didn't add so much nasty stuff to our food anyway, you have to be so careful!

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