11 Weeks Pregnant (Update and Work Outs)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last week was probably the sickest I've felt during this pregnancy. I threw up a few times (I've never thrown up during my pregnancies) and just kept getting nauseous. Even on the days I worked out... which usually isn't the case! It's weird because when I was pregnant with Jake I specifically remember my nausea being completely done with at 10 weeks... this makes me think it's a girl even more!

So I turn 12 weeks on Friday but I want to at least do weekly updates of what I'm doing for my workouts so other woman who are pregnant can see what I've been doing. I would like to see how other pregnant women were working out ya know?

Week 11

Weight Gain: 3 pounds

Pregnancy Cravings: Still green onions roasted with lime juice and salt (totally weird I know)... ate a whole pan of them last week.

Work outs this week:

Monday: Run/walk on the tredmill for 5 miles. Walk a half a mile at 4.0 mph and run the next half of the mile at 5.5 mph. Weighted leg exercises found here.

Tuesday: Eliptical at 4 resistance for 60 minutes. Biceps and Back weights found here.

Wednesday: Run/walk on treadmill for 4 miles. Walk half a mile at 4.0 mph. and run half at 5.5 mph. Tricep weights found here.

Thursday: Resting

Friday: Resting

Saturday: Resting

Sunday: Resting

Honestly I don't have an excuse of why I didn't get to the gym those days... I can't remember why! I'm not bothered by it though.... my three days of working out gave me three hours of cardio for the week which is a lot better than none! And still is more than a lot of people do! The only thing I am bothered by is I didn't get my shoulder day in. Next week I will :)

Pregnancy Symptoms:
Just the nausea this week. My unquenchable thirst I had has finally been quenched this week. No complaints!

Disclaimer: This blog is only my opinions and is not medical advice. If you have any questions about working out pregnant please consult with your doctor.


  1. Thanks for posting your weekly update! I read your postpartum updates prior to getting pregnant and it really helped to inspire me and keep me focussed when I did get pregnant! Prior to pregnancy I ran my first half marathon and was running up to 26 miles some weeks. I'm 25 weeks pregnant now and either run or go to the gym 5 days a week. Some days its hard to see the scale going up! But after reading your post about letting nature take it course with the weight gain, even with working out it made me feel better! So thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah I'm so glad that resonated with you! It's just the way we have to look at it isn't it? Just continue to be healthy as we would and trust our bodies that they know the right thing to do. I haven't told anyone yet but I signed up for a half marathon in May... and you bet I'm going to do it! 7 months pregnant! I'm joking around about running in a sports bra and painting 13.1 on my belly hahaha I got it cleared with my doctor. He said as long as I was running before and as long as I continue to train I'm good to go. He said he has a few patients that will continue to run marathons while their pregnant! I mean I'll probably do half walk and half run because I don't think its good to try and break an PR's while you're pregnant but I'm going to do it ;) Congratulations on your pregnancy! It helps to know other people that are pregnant and still continuing to work out and eat healthy. Are you still running that many miles each week?

  2. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant it felt like I was running with bricks tied to my feet. I thought it was just a first trimester thing, but its continued into my second as well. I've cut back to around 15 miles a week and mix running with the gym. I'm a nurse and work full time in an ER so I get a lot of walking in as well. Hoping to run as long as possible as well. Its crazy how many people tell you that you shouldn't exercise during pregnancy. Good luck with your running and your half marathon training! I'm hoping to get a few races in before the baby arrives as well.


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