10 Weeks Pregnant (Update and Work Outs)

Friday, December 5, 2014

I think I have found the secret to decreasing pregnancy sickness. No zofran, no phenergan, no unisom plus vitamin B6... in fact no pills at all. What I've been doing to decrease my morning sickness is..... working out!

Crazy right? It sounds counter intuitive... like how the heck are you supposed to work out when you're feeling nauseous. Pregnancy sickness is different than flu sickness though. I've been going and working out in the early morning before I feel nauseous at all... and it makes it so I don't feel sick at all the rest of the day! If I  don't work out that day sometimes I'll find myself dry heaving with pregnancy sickness... it's literally a night and day difference! 

I'll bring a granola bar or something with me to the gym in the morning and snack on it while I'm in the car. I've found that I start to feel sick when I don't eat... so that's another thing I've been doing. I make sure I eat all my meals and when I start to feel hungry I snack on something so my stomach never gets completely empty. If it goes completely empty it will make me feel sick.

Week 10

Weight Gain: 3 pounds

Pregnancy Cravings: green onions roasted with lime juice and salt (totally weird I know) plus ANYTHING pickeled. And spicy things :)

Work outs this week:

Monday: Run/walk on the tredmill for 4 miles. Walk a half a mile at 4.0 mph and run the next half of the mile at 5.5 mph. Weighted leg exercises found here.

Tuesday: Eliptical at 4 resistance for 60 minutes. Biceps and Back weights found here.

Wednesday: Run/walk on treadmill for 4 miles. Walk half a mile at 4.0 mph. and run half at 5.5 mph. Tricep weights found here.

Thursday: Eliptical at 4 resistance for 60 minutes. Shoulder weights found here.

Friday: Resting

Saturday: Planning on doing a 6 mile walk/run and legs again.

I don't care how large my midsection gets during this pregnancy... I'm grateful to be pregnant and I'd never take that for granted. I do feel like the one thing I can control during this pregnancy is having toned legs and arms. I know the relaxin hormone makes it harder to gain muscle but I'll do my own experiment with my body, keep doing weights on my arms and legs and see if I can keep them toned! We'll see! And at the end of the day even if they do get flabby, I'll be satisfied by knowing I've kept the level of activity throughout my whole pregnancy. You know what I'm saying? If I can lift a certain weight right now I'd hate to lose that all again because it was so hard to build up to.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Not too much nausea... but I am oh so thirsty. SO THIRSTY. Like give me water, now. I have to keep two water bottles by my bedside at night because I get so thirsty at nighttime! Which makes my trips to the bathroom even more frequent! I also already feel a little swollen in my legs, like water retention already. Maybe it's just from the hormones and they need to equal out? I'm hoping that it subsides in a couple weeks :) Oh and I'm emotional from the pregnancy hormones... I almost cried watching polar express with Jake the other day and I don't even know why. It wasn't even at a sad part!

So that's it so far! Stomach isn't sticking out... just looks a bit bloated. I do have diastasis recti (where your abdominal muscles split) from the last pregnancy so I imagine I will start showing fairly early but not yet! Very grateful for a healthy pregnancy so far.

XOXO Britney

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