What body fat percentage do you want to be?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We all want it don't we? To get lean? We look at those bikini competitors and dream about having abs that toned. "Wouldn't it be nice..." we think. But are we really willing to pay the price? Do we really know the price that those toned abs came at? The sleepless nights, the 4 AM wake up call, the food prepping... Are we willing to decline social engagements to work out, measure and weight all our food, not eat ANYTHING that isn't going to help build muscle?

Of course we want a toned body, but what are we willing to sacrifice. As I was browsing the internet the other day I came across this inforgraphic by Precise Nutrition (article found here) and I instantly loved it. We don't always realize HOW HARD it actually is to get that "bikini competitor" body. Sometimes I will do everything I think I'm supposed to be doing (go to the gym and try to eat healthy) and then wonder why I don't have abs like Miranda Kerr... Then I looked at this and realized I could probably change a few things! The first image tells you what to do more of and less of for each body fat percentage, the bottom images tells you some of the sacrifices you may have to make to achieve that level of fitness.

Whatever our dreams are... we can achieve it!

XOXO Britney

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