4th of July Weekend and The Master Cleanse

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's always interesting to say "Happy independence day" to your British husband and in-laws... usually they have a one liner to shoot right back! Our 4th of July weekend was pretty fun. We went up to my in-laws cabin in Oakley, Utah (near Park City) and went to the Oakley rodeo the night of the 4th.

My parents met us up at the cabin

Jake and my mother-in-law after going out and playing with the horses
I'm such an animal freak that sometimes it's hard for me to sit and watch the rodeos... especially when they are roping those poor little baby steer. I like the barrel racing and the fireworks... but other than that I struggle. Jake on the other hand loved it! He sat still for nearly 2 hours and just watched all of the events, such a cutie.

This summer Jake and I have been going to a pool almost every day. I love bringing him to the pool because he has so much fun and it really tires him out after... can anyone say 14 hours of sleep at night?! It's a win win really, we have fun and we get good rest after! Yesterday Sam and I took him to the Lindon City pool, which I am in love with. It has a lazy river that you can bring your own tube on and just float around all day. It also has "beach access" so your little ones can splash around in the shallow water.

I'm going to be going to the Bahamas soon so for the next few days Sam and I are going to be doing one of those dreaded cleanses. We're doing the master cleanse which is also known as the "Lemonade Detox" for at least 3 days. The lemonade consists of filtered water, grade B maple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Why do we put ourselves through these things? I don't know. Is the detox nutritionally balanced? Noooope. No one can argue that a diet of grade b maple syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper is nutritionally balanced! I figure that if it's only 3 days though it can't do too much damage and hopefully I can get some of the benefits of it.

The Master Cleanse claims that the detox one will make one have an increased amount of energy after completing the cleanse and a side effect is that you may lose a pound or two. I'll keep you updated on how it's going! Have you had any experience doing the master cleanse? Let me know below!

xoxo Britney


  1. hi there! in response to your commentary about the cleansing on which you're about to embark, I would actually suggest juicing (Whole Foods now has about 900 different pre-juiced bottles if you don't happen to have your own juicer!) and using this Oxy-Powder stuff ( http://www.oxypowder.com ). It is kinda gross but it really clears your "internal baggage," for lack of more appealing words, and helps re-vamp your system. The capsules are a little on the spend side (i buy mine from amazon) and it will take about a week (you can opt to do longer/shorter), but again - I've done this a few times and love it! it is also my personal belief, based simply on my personal experience, that it helps flatten out my tummy. I am not a dietician or anything 'official,' just a gal who's used these capsules a couple times. Just a thought! :) Enjoy the bahamas!!

  2. Girl, Isagenix :) It's totally up your alley. So easy, and more complete. I was talking to a girlfriend at world and she said she tried the lemonade cleanse and ended up with a migraine. She is currently on day three of the isagenix cleanse and loving it! Shoot me an email, and I will give you my number. Happy cleansing! chloecreynolds@gmail.com

  3. I had very bad acne. Tried everything (except accutane). decided to do the whole30 for weight loss and overall health and lo and behold face totally cleared up. I had people come up and ask me what I was using on my face. they said it looked like I had a face lift. Now, if I just splurge a little and have ice cream I almost instantly break out (dairy and sugar seem to be the major affectors for me). anyway, worth trying.


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