Breast Cancer Gene Update

Thursday, June 26, 2014

As you know I tested positive for the breast cancer gene (BRCA2). I wanted to follow up on it for anyone who is going through the same kind of thing.

I met with my OBGYN yesterday and we developed a plan of attack on how to handle everything. Basically what happens when you test positive for BRCA2 is they monitor you every 6 months starting when you're 25. So....

1. Yearly mammograms starting at 25.
2. Yearly MRI's spaced 6 months after the mammograms starting at 25.
3. Twice annual breast exams with your MD.
4. Surgery between age 35 to 40 to take out my ovaries and possible preventative mastectomy.
5. Birth control can help decrease your risk of developing breast cancer (I don't think I'll go back on the pills though, I think they make me crazy! The IUD will just have to do.)

There's also a medication they consider putting you on in some cases.... I forgot what it's called but it's essentially a very low dose chemo to reduce your risk. But I don't want to have to do that!

What I'm think is that when I'm 40 I'll just get the surgery done. Just taking out my ovaries can decrease my risk of BREAST cancer by 60 percent... and getting the mastectomy decreases my risk by 90 percent. I don't want to have to worry about breast cancer my whole life, why wouldn't I do everything I could to prevent it?? The mastectomy's they do aren't nearly as bad as they used to be, they do nipple sparing surgery that's essentially like breast augmentation only your scar is more visible and is located on one side of your nipple. That doesn't bother me if it decreases my risk of dying from breast cancer by 90%! Ya know??

I was talking with my doctor and he said I'm the youngest patient he's had to know they are positive for the gene. He said he is handling a family whose mother tested positive for the gene but the daughters don't want to know if they are positive for the gene so they're not getting tested yet. I don't understand that thinking! Yeah, initially it sucked to find out I was positive but like one doctor said, "It's a benefit if you test negative, and it's a benefit if you test positive. Because then we know and we can do everything we can to prevent it and monitor you closely." If you have family that has tested positive for the gene, just go get tested. It sucks to test positive but it sucks more to be diagnosed with advanced cancer when you're young.

I think I need to join a boxing gym... so I can take all my anger towards cancer out on a punching bag ;)


  1. I have been following you for a while now for inspiration to lose the baby weight. Somehow I have missed a lot of your posts, but I wanted to let you know that you look great! I love your haircut. Thank you for posting about your breast cancer gene experience. I didn't know you could get tested for it! Something I would definitely want to get done and know about. I am praying for you and hoping that breast cancer is something you won't have to experience!

  2. Stephanie your comment was so sweet I read it to my husband and even he said "aw...". Thanks so much! Your daughter is adorable and you look great!

  3. Hi Britney - I have just stumbled on your blog today. My little girl is 3 weeks tomorrow! I was initially reading how you got back your body after pregnancy (I ended up on bed rest and all sorts) anyway I am going to get tested as my mum, aunt and grandmother have had breast cancer. My OBGYN suggested having baby then the test. I just have a question. Did you do the test through your OB?


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