Mommy and Ftiness Competitor Tarin Meadow's Story

Friday, May 23, 2014

From prego lady to fitness competitor... this girl is a huge motivation to me! I follow her on instagram (@bodyafterbrax) and any time she posts a progress picture it makes me want to go work out. Not only is she a darling mom but she has also used her passion to create a new business called Fit Kitchen. She does meal preparation for other fitness competitors as well as people who just want to eat healthy (and they look delicious to say the least! I wish she lived by me so I could order from her!). Here's Tarin's story!

<Enter Tarin>

I got pregnant a little less than 2 months after my first NPC Bikini show where I was finally in the best shape of my life (funny how that worked). Having been dieting for the previous 3 months and working out like a mad women I really used my pregnancy as my break.

I didn't pay attention too much to my nutrition and didn't spend a day in the gym. It was a long 10 months but I think my soul needed the break form the strict dieting before. So, I definitely enjoyed TOO many meatball sandwiches which resulted in me gaining about 40 lbs. Going from 125 all the way to 165!

After I had Brax (my extremely healthy seven pounder) I was pumped to get the weight loss party started. I started eating healthy right from the get go and I ended up losing the "baby weight" the first 6 weeks. Then from there I started my workout regimen of cardio and weight training and I am currently sitting at 118 pounds and happier and healthier than ever! I am also 10 weeks out from my second bikini show scheduled for June 19th in New Orleans! So that pretty much sums up that :)

<Enter Britney>

You can follow Tarin on instagram @bodyafterbrax if you want some motivation to work out as well as ideas for healthy meals! She rocks! Thanks for sharing Tarin!

xoxo Britney


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