Mommy Motivation Monday: Shailey Hill

Monday, February 17, 2014

This girl has been a huge motivation to me. Talk about fitspo! She has two little ones and she has amazing abs like that... say what?! She's also one of the reasons I finally decided to venture into the weight section at the gym... I mean a bod like hers speaks for itself (she hates cardio but loves weights!). I also love that she is so down to earth, she had a healthy weight gain during her pregnancy and now she is even more in shape that her pre-prego self. It can be done. Check her out!
<enter Shailey>
Pregnancy weight gain: 40lbs
Postpartum weight loss: 50lbs
What did you do to lose the weight?
  I have always been an active person… what really helped me lose my baby weight is weight lifting! I HATE cardio but I try and do at least one day of cardio a week! I like to do it on Monday so I can just get it out of the way!! Ha! Also I do a class called Body Attack at Golds Gym and to me that counts as “cardio” ;) it is a killer workout! If you are trying to figure out where to start in the crazy fitness world I would start with classes! It is so nice to know you can just go to the gym and your workout is already planned for you! Then once you get in the habit of going everyday then you can venture out onto the weights!
I try to eat clean… but lets be honest… IT’S HARD!!! But I am getting better at it!
What tips would you give mom's to help lose the weight?
Make healthy snacks, try and only do one treat a day, get to the gym everyday! If you cant make it to the gym do at home exercises (push ups, sit up, lunges, and squats).
What has been the hardest thing that you've had to push through when losing the weight?
I feel like most people it is the dedication to the gym that is hard. For me it’s not over doing it… finding my happy medium between being a mom and the gym. I love being a mom, don’t get me wrong but when I love something I REALLY LOVE it with my whole heart. So that is the hardest thing for me is finding my balance in life!!
Also my eating has been a hard thing. I use to HATE veggies! Now I love them! And I’m fine with eating healthy meals and snacks but its at night time when I need my chocolate! (I mean come on what girl doesn’t love chocolate?!?!) I am working everyday to make my self better physically and mentally in the gym everyday! I definitely have a lot to work on and lots of goals to meet!
Words of encouragement to mommy's trying to lose the weight:
Losing baby weight isn’t what Hollywood makes it seem to me! It takes time!!! You have 9 months to gain that weight on and carry around that beautiful baby!! It is going to take time to get it off! Don’t give up!
Progress pictures: 
The day i left the hospital! YIKES!

Me in aug 2013 about ninesh months after I had my second child
A couple of weeks ago
And last but not least this picture was yesterday! I have loved my fitness journey! and I hope you have too!

If you want to know more about me come over and follow my IG account at SHAILEY_ or go over and check out my blog!! I will be posting a video on my ab workout in the next couple of days so make sure you go over and check it out! 
<enter Britney>
I have been hounding her about how she works out her abs so I'm looking forward to seeing it! She's amazing! Thanks for sharing your story Shailey!
I want to feature YOUR mommy weight loss story! Tell me about it here so I can share it with the other mommy's that are trying to lose weight! Power to the mommy's!


  1. Shailey is a great girl to get fitness inspiration from. Her determination, patience and sense of discipline is quite admirable. Those are the virtues you need to be steadfast and reach your fitness goal. I wish you luck in your fitness journey, Britney!

    Steve Leclair @ Orangetheory Fitness

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