LIve Fit program progress and tips (week 4)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Can I just say that I am in love with this program? I'm on my fourth week of Jamie Eason's live fit trainer (accessed here) but I feel like in these past 4 weeks I have had more progress with my physique then I have for a long time. Most of that is because I've finally committed myself to weight lifting along with my cardio.

I used to be so intimated by weight lifting. I never wanted to go into the weight lifting section because it was always a bunch of seasoned weight lifters who knew exactly what they were doing and it seems like they're ALWAYS staring at you. Who wants to walk around the gym looking like they don't know what they're doing and trying to figure out all of those levers and pulleys on the lifting equipment.

I'm the first to agree with you, being a beginner at anything kind of sucks. I'm the type of person who hates being out of my comfort zone so being a beginner at anything isn't the type of thing that I look forward to! You just have to push through those awkward beginning stages and then it's so worth it.

The first couple weeks of the live fit program I felt so awkward in the weight section. I didn't know where any of the equipment is, I didn't have an idea of correct form for lifting, and I didn't even know how to use the equipment. I'm not kidding you, my first leg day I had to ask someone how to use the squat rack. Lol! (hint: take weights off, stand under bar with shoulders on bar, roll bar backwards to unhook from rack, move to appropriate height for you and add needed weights).

I still can't believe Jamie Eason has made access to the program free. It's literally the best "diet" and exercise plan I have ever seen and it's free! It's very similar to the nutritional plans that those bikini competitors do (not quite as intense) but it's just all clean food that we should be eating anyway! I still give myself one cheat day a week but I don't have cravings or feel hungry on the program.

So far, here are some of my tips to success on the program:
  • Meal prep
    • Designate a day where you prep all of your meals for the week. Usually I cook my chicken in a crockpot with some kind of marinade or salad dressing, steam some broccoli, and then cook sweet potatoes in the oven for an hour. I weigh all of my portions according to what the program states and then put my portions in Tupperware and stick them straight in the freezer. (healthy frozen meals to go!)
    • For my starch in the morning I usually have steal cut oatmeal. I have been making this overnight in the crockpot (recipe to come) and then sticking that in Tupperware for the week as well.
    • The program requires you eat a lot of eggs. I boil my eggs on my meal prep day and then peel them and stick them in the fridges. I've found that I can tolerate eating them easier if I put some hot sauce on them.
    • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! I've found this to be very true, especially when planning my meals. If I don't have that quick, easy, and healthy meal I'm more likely to slip up.
  • Plan your workout schedule at the beginning of the week
    • At the beginning of the week sit down and figure out what time each day you will be able to make it to the gym and stick to the plan.
  • If you slip up, don't give up!
    • So you slipped up and ate in n' out animal style fries and a burger a day that wasn't your cheat day. Don't give up! Count your losses and move on. It's not the end of the world if you slip up on one meal or exercise, but just commit yourself to keep on keeping on. This program is very doable and is something that I will continue even after the 12 weeks are up. Being fit is a lifestyle change!
  • My fitness pal
    • I still log my food and exercise into my fitness pal. For one, I like seeing the breakdown on nutrients I need to eat more of. For two, at the end of the day when you click "complete this entry" it tells you what you would weight in 5 weeks if every day was like that day. I find that very motivating!
  • Watch the videos for each exercise
    • I don't know if everyone realizes this but if you click the picture for each exercise for the day it brings you to the video showing you exactly how to do the exercise and correct form for doing it. That's been one of my biggest helpers while learning how to do weights correctly.

I have a few recipes that are "live fit" approved that I'm going to be sharing with you soon. If you haven't started the program yet I highly recommend checking it out and giving it a try, you will feel so empowered!

xoxo Britney


  1. Are you still doing cardio while in the first 4 weeks?

  2. Yeah I am just because I'm training for a marathon and have to keep up on my running schedule!


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