Bobby Pin Curls

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

These bobby pin "curlers" are perfect if you have hair that struggles to hold a curl, or if you just want your curls to remain voluptuous and bouncy all day! I learned how to do these curls from back in my modeling days-- I guess I did pick up a few skills from modeling! ;) I modeled in NY and Utah... And the modeling in Utah is a whole lot of prom and bridal. It was only a matter of time until I picked up on these curls! 

I have desperately flat hair... Like stick straight. To the point where getting my hair to hold a curl is harder than avoiding McDonald's during monopoly season. (Does anyone actually even win that?!)  I love curlers because they help your hair hold the curl all day long... But heating the curlers and clips can be such a hassle. So... Voila! Bobby pin curlers! Helps my stick straight hair hold curls for days... Not to mention I love how the curl turns out!

1. Perform on hair that is clean but has preferably been washed the day before. (Tip of the trade... If you had to wash your hair the day of doing these curls then spray hairspray throughout your hair, brush out, and then begin curls. I've also used dry shampoo to add some density to my hair before curling... It helps!)
2. Begin at the top of your head. Take a section, spray hairspray at your roots, back comb slightly, then wrap hair around curling iron. 

3. Remove curling iron. While hair is still hot wrap it around your fingers into a big loop and then stick a bobby pin in the center to secure curl to your head.

4. Repeat process in sections of desired width down the back of your head. 

5. Repeat process on sides... I usually only need 4 bobby pin curls on each side.

6. Once all your hair is in pin curls spray a finishing touch of hairspray overs curlers and let it cool and sit. Use the time to finish getting ready and completing your make up. The longer the curls sit, the longer they'll last throughout the day.
7. Eat a pickle

8. Read a book

Just kidding... You don't have to eat a pickle or read a book. But you kind of want to now don't you?

7. Remove bobby pins. Brush out the top of hair to get out any bumps. Run fingers through ends of hair to loosen up the look. You can also brush out the ends for a more wavy and vintage look.

8. Enjoy! If cared for correctly these curls can last for days! To help them last roll hair into a low bun while sleeping... It helps maintain the curl.


  1. What Curling Iron Do You Use?! Also you should do a post showing what makeup you use :) Thanks for the tip! My hair hates to hold a curl!

  2. I'm on it! ;) Usually just a hot tools curling iron!


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