12 Tips For Enjoying Walt Disney World With Your Baby

Friday, January 3, 2014

It's daunting isn't it? Thinking of bringing your baby to Disney World with all of the diaper changes, blow outs, bottles, food, and strollers! Well let me tell you this, it can be done. And enjoyed for that matter! My little family and I just went to Disney World for Jake's first time, and he loved it. I'm not kidding, as we were walking onto Main Street with Cinderella's castle in view Jake was dancing back and forth. He's only 9 months and he already could feel the magic of Disney!

My husband and I are obsessed with Disney. Like ob-sessed. So it was so special to be able to share something we love so much with Jake for the first time.

Here are some tips of the trade when taking baby to Disney:

1. Bring your own stroller
    • Disney does offer strollers that you can rent, and there are some pros to using Disney strollers. For one, you don't have to worry about your own stroller being stolen while you're on a ride (I mean... does that really happen? It's Disney people!) and two if that does happen you can go get another one no problem. However, I advocate bringing your own stroller.  The Disney strollers don't lay flat and they make it difficult if baby needs to take a nap. I have the Chicco liteweight stroller the lays flat when it's Jake's naptime, it was worth bringing our own simply for that reason!
2. Bring a garbage bag or poncho
    • We were lucky enough to have it not rain when we were there. But it is Florida, those rainstorms can come out of nowhere. If rain is in forecast I recommend bring a poncho or garbage bag to cover your stroller. Baby doesn't want to sit in a soggy stroller!

3.  Bring a changing pad
    • One thing I noticed while changing Jake at Disney is they didn't have diaper changing table covers. I was lucky enough to have brought a lightweight blanket that substituted as a changing table cover (sanitize that thing afterward) and next time I go I will remember to bring my portable changing pad. Trust me, I tried laying down paper towels perfectly. It doesn't cut it! Also don't forget to bring a change of clothing for baby, in case he/she has a blow out!
4. Keep baby on a schedule
    • Since Jake was about a month old we've kept him on a eat, change, sleep schedule. Mostly to help him sleep through the night (and it did! Heaven sent!) but that's a post for another time! Anyway, we feed him about every 3 (3.5 hours) now, do a diaper change right after the feeding, and then go on our way.
    • Having a schedule while you're at Disney is HUGE! You don't want to be caught in the line at Peter Pan and have to be trying to feed your baby or change his diaper. Here is a glimpse of what our schedule looked like.
      • 7 AM feed and change diaper
      • 8 AM rides
      • 9 AM rides
      • 10 AM feed and change diaper
      • 11 AM rides
      • 12 PM rides
      • 1 PM feed and change diaper
      • 2 PM rides
      • 3 PM rides
      • 4 PM feed and change diaper (you get the picture)
    • I'm a strong believer in meeting your little one's needs before they request them by crying. Jake knew his needs were being met and that he didn't have to be fussy to get our attention. He knew what to expect next and so did we, making our Disney experience stress free!
5. Don't forget naptime
    • Strollers aren't allowed in lines so while baby is napping use that time to eat some lunch and rest your feet!
6. Wear your most comfortable sneakers, tennis shoes or trainers
    • Whatever you call them--don't be caught without them! One time me, my mom, and my cousin did a "Disney World Marathon". No, we didn't run 26.2 miles. However, in one day we hit all of the best rides in all 4 parks at Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios). We ended up walking 13 miles in one day, if we wouldn't have been wearing our most comfortable shoes we would have been out of there faster then you could say Mickey Mouse.
    • I thought about this while I was at Disney last time so I looked down at everyone's shoes and everyone had tennis shoes on. My favorite and most comfortable shoes are the Nike Free 4.0's. Love them!
7. Go on the rides!
    • Who knew you could bring babies on so many rides? Not me! You can bring them on Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Buzz Lighyear, Under the Sea, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, It's a Small World... all rides without a height restriction! Which is pretty much everything but Splash Mountain and Space Mountain

8. Bring your own food and drink into the park.
    • I mean, who wants to pay 3 dollars for a bottle of Dasani water? Not me! Turns out when they are checking your through your bags at the entrance of the park they are actually looking for weapons and not your bottle of water. What a relief ;)
    • Pack some sandwiches and snacks ahead of time to cut the cost of your Disney experience. And pack LOTS of water. To make your babies bottles with if you have to formula feed and for you in that hot Florida sun!
9. Be at the park at curtain drop.
    • Find out when the park opens that day (it's different every day) and be at the entrance right when they open it. You will walk right on the rides! How about a 5 minute wait for the Peter Pan ride instead of a 60 minute? Best thing ever.
10. Take advantage of the fast pass.
    • No Disney trip is complete without going on the Space Mountain roller coaster, but who wants to wait in line for 90 minutes? Instead of standing in the winding line get a fast pass for later and hit up some other rides in the mean time! (No, you can't take baby on Space Mountain, but if you go with friends and family you can take turns babysitting while each other goes on the big kid rides).
11. Stay for the fireworks.
    • The fireworks are one of my favorite things, so magical and baby will love seeing the sky lit up and sparkling with all of the colors.
12. Look up times of the year that are least busy at Disney World
    • From what I've seen there are certain days that tend to not be so busy at Disney (Thursdays beings one of them) and seasons that are more quiet (the week after Thanksgiving through the before Christmas are cold mines). The less busy it is, the less you have to wait in lines, the more rides you get to experience!
And when all is said and done, you've gone on all your rides, you've eaten a mickey mouse ice cream sandwich, you've said hello to the princesses and you've watched the fireworks... simply enjoy the magical spirit of Disney, squeeze your little one tight and remember the moment forever. Before you know it they'll be on Space Mountain with you ;)



Getting ready for naptime!

Meeting the little mermaid... he even got a smooch!



Our best friends Gui and Marai! They were a huge help too!

And if you go you HAVE to try this... it's like a rootbear float but with pineapple juice. Delish! Get it by the Pirates of the Carribean ride.

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  1. Thanks Brit! We are probably going to go to Disneyland this summer (and maybe Disneyworld soon?) and I need all the tips I can get! Rails will be about 11-ish months, so these were super helpful!


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