10 month progress pictures

Monday, January 27, 2014

Progress not perfection! I've lost 54 pounds at this point. The thing is that I'm even more confident with my body then before I had a baby. Is that weird? It's the fact that I've created LIFE with my body. I mean, we should all get an award for that!

I decided to pair this months progress pictures with earlier progress pictures to remind myself of how far I've come. Crazy. The best part is I remember trying to suck in for that 2 month picture--lol! Persistent is key! I've lost 4 pounds since last month. My plan now is to lose 4 pounds a month to get to my pre-marriage weight of 130 pounds.142 pounds by February 22, 138 pounds by March 22, 134 pounds by April 22, and 130 by May 22. My ultimate goal weight, wahoo!

Let's talk about numbers for a second. I think focusing on numbers for weightloss can be good and bad. Good because it shows progress, bad because too much focus on numbers can foster eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits. When looking at the scale consider this, when it comes down to it HEALTH is what is sexiest!

Sure you can make it down to your goal weight by eating potato chips and chocolate, it's all about calories in and calories out. But are you going to look healthy? No. Is your skin going to glow with health? No. Are your muscles going to look defined? No. Are you going to experience fatigue and sometimes depression? You bet.

We're on a mission here to get the best bodies of our lives, but we're also on a mission to FEEL the healthiest of our lives. Let's stop dreaming of that toned and healthy body, and let's get it--now!


  1. UMMM. You. are. KILLING. it. Looking at this transformation is insane!


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