Tips for Maintaining Your Shape While Traveling

Monday, December 16, 2013

We spend so much time and energy trying to get our body into that prime shape for vacations. Diets, juice fasts, logging in those cardio hours... but what about once we get on the vacation? No one wants to be "one of those" people who gains 10 pounds on their vacation. What a waste! Let's maintain that body we worked so hard for!

As I'm getting ready to head off to sunny Florida with the hubs, baby, and friends and friends I wanted to share this article by guest writer Cole Millen at For those of us stuck in the bitter cold weather, it's nearing that time where we are itching to travel into a little warmth--below Cole shares some tips on how he creates a healthier traveling experience while on the go!

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"The time to travel is springing up around us, and it is important to make sure that you can continue to eat healthy and keep your shape while on vacation.  Many people put in a lot of work at the gym and eat healthy to look and feel their best while they are away.  It would be a terrible thing to come back home and look like you did before you started molding your body for your trip.  There are many things that people can do to stay healthy and lean on a vacation."

"Airports are one of the most dangerous places to spend your time because the majority of foods in these areas are very high in calories.  Rather than eating the food at the airports, you should try to go to the airport with a full stomach.  This will help you to avoid eating foods that are not healthy for you.  You may also want to pack some healthy snacks to help hold you over until you can find some good food to eat.  Nuts, dried fruits and other healthy snacks will really help you stay full.  If you have to eat in an airport, search around for a place that offers healthier foods that have vegetables, whole grain breads and other calorie saving foods.  You can also carry your own bags to and from the places that you go.  This will assist you in exercising without having to go to a special workout spot."
"Hotels are another source of difficulty for travelers.  Many hotels are beginning to realize that travelers want healthier food choices. The necessary changes to cater to healthy lifestyles are coming surely but slowly. In the meantime, it is extremely important to find the right hotel that has the amenities to meet your needs. I have found that personal reviews of other travelers provide the most unbiased and honest information. I recently took a trip east for a Red Sox game and I scoured the Internet and found a site that had an abundance of reviews that allowed me to find a list of hotels in Boston with a complete gluten free menu. Having a healthy restaurant in the restaurant you are staying in will allow you to eat right without going outside! The continental breakfast at most hotels is becoming more nutritious and providing even more healthy choices.  These places are starting to offer more fruit choices, whole grain breads and a variety of drink options that are not loaded with calories.  If you are able to bring a small Crockpot along with you on your vacation, you can create some great healthy meals.  This will save you some time, money and added calories.  Fast food restaurants are usually located nearby most hotels, so you need to find a way to resist these places and do some cooking on your own." 
"If you have been avoided eating out lately, familiarize yourself with the restaurants you will be visiting on your vacation. If possible, review menus online so you have an idea of what is available. One of the greatest pitfalls that diners and travels may face is dining out at restaurants, which can be accompanied with fatty appetizers, wine and spirits as well as caloric masses of food. Avoiding heavy appetizers and skipping the breadbasket is the first way to prevent overindulgence. It can be very easy to eat an excessive amount while waiting for a meal to arrive and chatting with fellow diners. Starting the meal with water or seltzer water flavored with lemon can help prevent mindless eating while enjoying conversation. Many restaurants offer a section on menus where lighter options are highlighted, which can be extremely helpful for travelers looking to separate unhealthy options from their healthy counterparts. While a salad may seem like the best choice, heavy dressings, cheeses and croutons can make salads a tricky pitfall that many diners become confused by. Instead, seek out grilled fish and chicken surrounded by steamed vegetables. When in doubt, diners monitoring their nutrition while traveling should never hesitate to ask servers and wait staff about the method of cooking, dressing options and fats used in a dish. Simply questioning a prospective meal may help diners save hundreds of calories by allowing them to pick another option or request alternative cooking methods, such as steaming, baking and grilling."
"You can also search the food menus and area restaurants at or near most big hotels.  A quick online search or a phone call to the hotel will help you to be extremely well prepared to stay fit on your vacation."
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Thanks Cole! If you're looking for more tips on healthier eating, including how to stay healthier over the holidays, head over to
You and I are fully aware that staying healthy while traveling is hard work... that's why during my vacation I'm going to be documenting a lot of it to share with you once I'm back! If you would like to see some pictures from sunny florida follow me on instagram @BritneyMunday. As for me, I better get packing! Stay in touch!
XOXO Britney
P.S. Any tips for traveling with a baby in tow? Please share your tips and tricks below! :)



  1. great post, I'm going to be travelling to Malaysia and planning to eat lots of fresh and healthy food whilst exercising on the beach! I really want to lose the excess weight before I get pregnant again and I don't want a big gap between my babies.....your blog is so inspiring, thank you!


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