Effective immediately: All monthly progress pictures reinstated.

Monday, December 9, 2013

I've been going through some old pictures and I find myself going… "I wish I was as skinny as I was when I thought I was fat." Isn't it funny how that works out? Gaining weight is weird. You still are the same person as you were when you weighed less… you even imagine yourself to look like that person. It's only when someone takes pictures of you that you're like… "Hey now… that's not what I look like! Why do I have chipmunk cheeks?!"

I've been slacking on the progress pictures… but realizing that my baby is going to be NINE months on the 22nd has brought some things to my attention. Mainly this: I'm almost 9 months out and I still have 20 lbs I want to lose. Say what?! 

I remember when I was 8 months pregnant my mother-in-law was talking about a fitness guru who says, "If it took my 9 months to gain this weight it will take me 9 months to get rid of it." I replied… "Well that's a depressing thought! Taking 9 months to get rid of this!"

And here I am. 9 Months. 20 pounds to go. 

Honestly, I havent been giving it my ALL. I can always give more. I took a month or two break when I had the stuff going on with my mom. But here I am… and I'm ready for my revenge on fat. Remeber… we're not fat. We HAVE fat. Fat does not define us. We're going to set that fat on fire (literally!).

The 22nd is when you can count on my monthly progress pictures being reinstated. I'll actually be in Florida during that time so they may even be a little tropical! And even if I haven't lost any weight… the pictures will still be there. Public humiliation is a motivation as well. Haha!

When I tell people I want to lose 20 pounds they say that I would be TOO skinny. But it's just because I'm tall so I can store a whole lot more weight without people knowing… Here are some of the pictures of me 20-30 pounds less that are motivating me to lose the weight!

130 pounds
128 lbs
120 pounds (I want my face to look like this again! I hate that I store fat in my cheeks!)

130 pounds

You'll be hearing a lot more from me from now on. If you'd like to follow me closer type your e-mail address into the right side under "follow me" or you can follow on bloglovin, as well as instagram @britneymunday.

P.S. I want to hear about YOUR weight loss success! Fill out the form here and your story may be featured on the blog! 'Power to the Mommys!

XOXO Britney


  1. I just want to say that your smile is beautiful, your Faith is beautiful, your open heart and ability to see past what is tangibly in front of you is gorgeous, your love for your family (and even complete strangers) is beautiful, your child is beautiful, and above all of this you are worthy of love and attention whether you are 100 lbs or 300 lbs. (i know this isn't news to you)

    It's awesome that you are using your weight goals and progress to guide and inspire others... and it's great that you use your blog and the accountability of your followers to motivate you and keep you on track. But you are clearly a lovely person inside and out, and you are worthy, no matter what you weigh. Don't beat yourself up. Insist on and obsess over and hold fast to what deserves your attention- like these days, your growing baby, your LIFE.

    I've enjoyed reading you. <3


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