5 Month Postpartum Progress

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy five month birthday little man!

First of all, let me just talk about how honored I am to have you guys reading my blog! Two weeks ago I passed one hundred thousand views after starting my blog just two months ago… I'm now at 155,000 views! I love each and every one of you and appreciate your words of encouragement! I hope that I can continue to encourage you to reach your weight-loss goals, we all can do it!

Well… One hundred and fifty one point five pounds. 151.5 lbs. The best part about getting to this weight is the fact that I had been here before when I wasn't even pregnant. I gained a little weight while Sam and I were dating and there were one or two times (if I weighed at the end of the day) that I went over 150. However, I have jumped down from that weight to 130 at one time so it's so much more encouraging knowing that my goal is that much more achievable!

As you know, this month I went to the Bahamas and disregarded calories for a whole week. As a result I gained two pounds (up to 157). Totally worth the two pounds ;). I went on a juice cleanse (you can find the schedule and recipes here!) and I lost 4 lbs in 5 days thanks to the juice cleanse. So overall, in three weeks I lost 5.5 lbs… which I'm still pretty dang happy about!

My goal this next month is to make it down to 145 pounds. I'll be doing the same thing as I did to lose the other 48.5 lbs, clean eating, exercise, and keeping track of my calorie intake. This month I REALLY want to start improving on lifting weights and toning my body. I don't want to look "skinny fat" (yes, there is a thing!) I want to look "skinny fit"!!! 

My friend below (Shailey Hill) delivered 3 or 4 months before me and she has done awesome at losing the baby weight. Her secret is lifting (and lifting heavy)! She has two littles and manages to get to the gym every morning at 5 am to get her work outs in… no excuses! She motivates me!
My friend Shailey's one month difference of lifting (before on the right, after on the left) so motivating that you can make that much of a change in just one month! Follow her on instagram @busygettingstronger!

 The scale can either be your best friend, or worst enemy. I like to concentrate on how I feel about my body and how my clothes fit. And good news, this month I fit into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans! Wahoo! My "fat" jeans no longer fit! Husband says I look like a want-to-be gangster when I wear them, so that feels good!

As promised, here are my progress pictures. I will always take and post monthly progress pictures even if I don't see a difference--I'm true to my word! I don't see a difference in my front or side… but good heck! Take a look at my back progress! Crazy how much of a difference there is! Got to keep it up! This month is all about making it down to 145 lbs and gaining muscle… here we go!
From four back fat rolls to almost none! Awesome!

How much baby weight have you lost now? Comment below!


  1. I love your blog! I am hoping to keep track of my weight loss after baby arrives too.

  2. Love following the blog! I had #3 on 3/23/13 so it's nice seeing how someone who had a baby at the same time is doing with getting back to their "fighting weight" :)

  3. incredible progress! such motivation. my good friend is also blogging her baby weight loss. :) heres the link if youd wanna check hers out. http://jadynsmama101912.blogspot.com/ GREAT WORK! KEEP IT UP!

  4. Love your blog! You totally motivate me!

  5. You're looking great! I have a 9 month old and I gained way too much weight with him.... Probably around 90 lbs, but I never looked at the scale. He was my third and Ive gained 65+ lbs with all 3 of them. I lost 25 lbs in 2 months just by watching what I eat on MyFitnessPal (Im breastfeeding so I ate around 2000 calories a day) and lifting heavy and doing cardio 3x a week. My goal weight is 155 lbs (Im 5'9") so I have about 20 lbs to go.

    My issue is Ive now hit a plateau that I've been at for the past month. Ive tried adjusting calories, "cycling" calorie days (low day followed by splurge day, etc), I eat clean, and Im just... stuck. Any advice? The weight just about FLEW off those first 2 months but now it's wanting to stick like glue! Have you hit a plateau?

  6. I just found your blog and I am super impressed. I had my daughter three years ago and still struggle with losing weight. I can't seem to wake myself up to exercise in the morning. You have inspired me to start tomorrow. I like the idea of taking the pictures and being able to see the progress you have made. What exercises do you do? I am finding that with working full time and having a three year old it is super super difficult to lose any weight. Any suggestions?

  7. Ugh it forced me to log in and then erased what I'd typed!
    Anyway, proud of your progression! You have done what many moms strive to do in the early months post-partum... I had my kid May 26 so I'm currently 2 months post partum. In the 1.5 weeks after giving birth I dropped the baby weight and water weight losing 20 lbs. Then for a while the scale wasn't moving. I realized then that I accumulated so much body fat! I have hideous rolls of fat on my back and my booty is huge!!! I also still have a little pouch in front like a kangaroo :( I started a new exercise and diet plan two weeks ago and lost 4 lbs the first week! I simply downloaded a helpful app called Lose It! for the iPad and have been going to the gym 3x per week...really hoping to have the rolls gone asap though! They are so embarassing to have esp in my tight gym clothes! haha

    1. Oh also, I was 133 at the time I got pregnant and lost weight in beginning to get me down to 126...currently @ 146 lbs...that's a whole 20 lbs to lose!!

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