Britney's Amazon Finds... Father's Day Edition!

Friday, June 9, 2017

You guys asked for it... so here it is. Amazon Finds Father's Day Edition! Why are guys so hard to buy for?! I took the guess work out of what to get those special guys in your life and made a list of 20 different ideas to gift the men in your life for father's day!

Is your love language gift giving? I LOVE giving gifts. Even more than I love receiving gifts! I love putting thought into that special gift and then watching the receivers face light up as they open it. That's why I decided to go through and put together a Amazon Find post directed towards Father's Day!

I was at a lost of what to get my dad and my husband... so I started asking around. I asked on Instagram and I asked on a FB group I'm in. And I got some BOMB ideas from it that I'm so excited to share with you! And all but one are prime eligible! Maybe you like window shopping through the mall trying to find a meaningful gift... but not me! I have two crazy kids so if it's not on amazon it's probably not going to happen.

They range in price... but I got to thinking... my dad has done SO MUCH for me and my brother. I would say that every decision he has made has been to benefit me and my brother in some way or another. He has worked countless hours to provide for us, came to every basketball/baseball/dance competition, pushed us on the swing set when he'd probably rather be watching Seinfeld or the History channel. Haha!! Basically what I'm trying to say is... I really owe him. So for me a well thought out gift is a small price to pay in comparison to everything I have... and everything I am because of him. 

Dad... are you reading this?! Don't! It will spoil the surprise! If you know the guys in my life PLEASE DON'T RUIN THE SURPRISE! K here it goes!

1. Ancestory DNA Kit
My father-in-law was adopted as a baby... we've always wondered about his heritage... what countries were his ancestors from? He just says all he knows is his birth dad was tall, dark, handsome and very athletic. Hahaha! I'm so excited about this gift because I know he is going to LOVE IT! I can't wait to give it to him! 

2. Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone
K, I had never heard of this until a friend on instagram told me about it. Apparently you grill your meat on it and it makes it taste AMAZING! It's considered to be the purest salt in the world that has it's own natural minerals in it to enhance the flavor of your food. You literally cook your meat on top of it and your food naturally absorbs it! Burgers, steak, scallops, carne asada... you can cook it all on here! Just make sure you never put the cold salt stone on a hot grill... it will crack! It needs to be warmed up slowly. My dad loves grilling and smoking food... so I'm definitely going to be getting him this!

3. Toilet Night Light
We saw this on an infomercial and cracked up laughing so my mom bought it for us for Christmas as a gag gift. Well... jokes on us! We actually do love it! Hahah!!

4. Amazon Echo
So I won this at a giveaway... if I knew how much we were going to love it we would have bought it along time ago! It's a hands-free speaker that you control with your voice. It connects to the Alexa voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more! So basically you first say, "Alexa" and then you say whatever you want her to do. She connects to your prime account and plays any music you want, on demand. We love Michael Buble so we usually say, "Alexa, play Michael Buble" and then she answers "Shuffling Michael Buble" and provides us with the perfect soundtrack. And she understands almost everything you say! One day I randomly said, "Alexa do you know how to rap" and she started rapping haha! I'm obsessed with her. She's basically the other woman. Every house needs an Alexa! Also, the sound on the Echo is AMAZING. For good sound quality make sure you bite the bullet and get the echo instead of the dot.

She's constantly learning new things and updating herself. You can order pizza from dominos, request a ride from uber, open your garage with garageio, control your smart home, search yelp for you, tell you movie showtimes, read you audio books from audible... I'm just obsessed with her. If I could have one in every room I would. 100%!

5. Poo-pourri
Also a gag gift that's actually the best thing ever. Have you ever used poo-pourri before? If not you're missing out. Every woman should carry one in your purse because no matter how refined you are your poop does not smell like roses... unless you use poo-pourri! This poo-pourri gift-set is called the "Master Crapsman"... so if your family is immature like mine this would be a hit! It really does work and it smells amazing! Who knows... this would probably benefit YOU even more than it benefits him hahaha.

6. Back Shaver
While I was scrolling through amazon searching for gifts I ran across this one... GENIUS! My hubs is always recruiting me to help keep his back baby skin smooth... but if he could do it himself?! Even better! 

7. Nose Hair Trimmer
No I'm for real. You don't really love the men in your life if you're letting them walk around with black hairs sticking out of their nostrils. Haha! This is something that they will probably laugh about when they open it and then actually end up loving. In fact, put together the poo-pourri, toilet night light, and then this noise trimmer and you have got yourself a SOLID fathers day gift basket! Haha!

8. Car Vacuum Cleaner
Does our hubs/dad/father in law love his car? Are they OCD about keeping it spotless? Then I have a gift idea for you! A portable car vacuum cleaner! I went through and found the best reviewed one... and this one looks like it's a hit! Heck... I need one of these for myself! 

9. Minimalist Wallet
My husband is obsessed with this style of wallet. It's the only one he will use. It's so thin and even blocks thief's from using RFID signals and stealing your credit card and drivers license information. This one is made with 100% cowhide leather!

10. Matching Father and Son Skinny Ties
They have the cutest matching ties on right now. I thought it was such a sweet idea so I found some on amazon! If your hubs is anything like mine they would love showing up to church in matching ties with their little guy. If you click shop now you will see other color options... I like the Red and Blue striped one!

11. Wemo Light Swtich
This is one of those gadgets that works with the Amazon Echo that I talked about above! This lightswitch uses your wifi network so you can control your lights from anywhere in the world. There is no subscription required, just install the light switch and control it from your smart phone or tablet. Or Amazon Echo!

12. Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Set
My husband is constantly complaining that he can't find the nail clippers or tweezers. And at this price it would be the perfect gift for him! Everything in one place!

13. Chipping Net
My dad is an avid golfer and is always looking for ways to improve his game. I got this for him a couple years ago and it was an awesome gift! 

14. Putt-A-Bout
Also a good gift idea for that guy that loves golfing!

15. YETI tumbler
My husband and I got this tumbler a couple weeks ago and we love it! It keeps your drinks ice cold (or your coffee piping hot) for "as long as science allows" as they say! I love the 30 oz one because I hate having to continually keep filling it up (I use mine for cold water) but if your guy would want it for coffee you could definitely get away with the 20 oz one! They stainless steel, double insulated, so they don't "sweat" and they fit perfectly in your cup holder!

16. Knock Off Swell Bottle
I love my swell bottle... and I've gifted swell bottles a few times. But the other day I decided to take a chance and get an "off brand" flask and see how it compared. EXACTLY THE SAME AS MY SWELL BOTTLE. At half the price! Can you believe that! Like the yeti tumbler it's made of stainless steel, vacuum insulated and double walled... but this one has a screw on top so there are no spills. This is great for a guy that would want to throw it into his bag and not worry about spilling! I also feel like the top makes it so it keeps ice in it even longer than the Yeti Tumbler. Literally I think our record in this knock of bottle is like 20 hours of ice! Isn't that crazy?? Get the 25 oz one because the other one is a little small!

17. Fitbit
Does your husband/dad love working out in one way or another? He'd love this! This fitbit tracks their heart rate and fitness level to determine day long calorie burn. It also monitors your sleep quality to determine how your whole routine adds up. It's large display helps you stay connected with call, text, and calendar alerts. I have an apple watch and love it... but this is a much more affordable option of great qualtiy!

18. Keurig 
If your guy is a coffee drinker they need a keurig... simple as that. And get them that YETI tumbler to go along with it!

19. Outdoor Speaker
Does your guy need some tunes while he's out working in the yard or grilling? This Outdoor Tech speaker is a portable, water resistant, bluetooth speaker with great ratings! It has an internal rechargeable lithium battery that gives you 16 hours of tunes as well as serves as a backup power bank for your phone!

20. Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves
Forget dealing with all those grilling tools... just use your hands! These gloves can withstand heat 932 degrees F!

Hope you enjoy these finds! I'm sorry if there are spelling or grammar errors... My kids are dying to go out and have some fun so I'm out of here! I'd love to hear what you decide to get and if you have any ideas to add as well! Another thing I will be doing for the dad's in my life is printing out and framing a picture of their kids and grandkids... because above all these material goods and most importantly is FAMILY! Write your dad and husband a nice note to let them know how you appreciate everything they do for your and your family... don't let them go a day without them knowing how much you love them.

Thanks for reading!


Britney's Amazon Finds... SWIMSUIT EDITION

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's that time of the year... Britney's amazon finds SWIMSUIT EDITION!!!

Only this swimsuit edition doesn't feature naked women with only paint covering their goods.

What would you do it I told you all of these swimsuits are UNDER 25 bucks. Because they are! Yahoo! I specifically chose swimsuits that I would want to wear myself... and that I felt would still be flattering while chasing around my two crazy kiddos!

I linked all of the swimsuits on the right column and then I pasted a larger photo on the left side so you could better see the details of the swimsuits. I made sure to chose swimsuits that had good reviews for you. I'm so excited about these and I can't wait to order some myself! You can't beat these prices!

If you like the style of a certain swimsuit make sure you click on the link to see more colors... most of them have five or more colors!

Enjoy! Happy summer!

Britney's Weekly Amazon Finds (June 4th)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Heyyyyyy girl hey!!!!

I'm totally kidding. I'd NEVER start out a blogpost like that. Or conversation. In fact, I almost never say will say, "Hey girl" like EVER because it makes me feel like one of those girls who adds random people on facebook to try and sell them something from their MLM company.



Oh crap, I'm totally a Rodan and Fields consultant now. Just know guys, I haven't completely switched to the dark side! I still hate the sterotypical MLM's! I'm still on your side! Haha! Freaking Rodan and Fields, why do they have to have such amazing skincare. WHY?!

Ok ok, enough of that. I'm here today to recap on all my past amazon finds since last post. Let me know if I forget about any of them! Also, how great is that new feature on instagram that makes it so you can just swipe up and go straight to the amazon link?! So great.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig
Alright, so I totally support getting a real live fiddle leaf fig. That's what I have! BUT they do require love and attention. And a semi green thumb. So if you have a brown thumb (wait, is that racist?). EDIT: if you can't keep plants alive for the life of you... then you need to get this Fiddle Leaf Fig. It was recommended by my interior design friend Jennifer Stagg. She has it in her living room and it looks bomb. Just make sure when you get it that you seperate and fan out the leaves a bit more like her! Check out her instagram @jenniferstagg for fiddle leaf fig inspo!

2. Hanging Planters
If you haven't noticed yet my style is very minimalist. I don't like a lot of extra designs or colors on whatever I'm decorating with. I feel like it's too distracting! I love these hanging pots because they are so simple that the focus will be on whatever you PLANT in them. How cute would these be hanging off your front porch with some petunias trailing off them??

3. Mexican Blanket

These are so trendy right now... perfect to lay on the grass for a picnic/t-ball game/soccer game. And they are cute too!

4. Linen Dress

Also trendy. I love the way they hang so they don't show off my mummy tummy ;) what?! It's the truth! I don't have time to worry about constantly sucking my stomach in! I have two crazy kids to chase around! I love these with some cute leather sandals. I have the blush and the black color! It's true to size! I'm 5'11" and mine hits right below my knees... but because of the style of the dress I feel like it can be rocked anywhere between a maxi and a midi. Ya know?

5. Portable Playard

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen my insta video of Chloe sticking both her legs out of the holes in our prior pack in play net... So I decided it was time to get a new one! I believe in conscious consumerism, and when I say that I mean we should put a lot of thought into each one of our purchases! Is it built to last? What's the warranty like? Is it going to go out of style? Does it match my house?

Yeah yeah, you are probably laughing. "A stylish playard?! Is she nuts?!" And the answer to that is... maybe! Haha! But like I said I don't like having busy patterns and stuff in my house! I like everything to be cohesive... whether it's my couch or my playard!

So after a lot of research I decided on the Joovy playard. I like it because it has TEN square feet of room in there! It's a square instead of a rectangle so it gives your baby more room to be "free" (while of course, still being contained in a baby prison cell). It also has an awesome warranty and get this... IT'S JUST BLACK AND WHITE! Finally!!

6. Work Out Leggings

People always told me, "Once you go lulu you'll never go back." I got a pair of lululemons... and as much as I like to be the nonconformist... I do love them. They are worth every single dollar. About 130 of them to be exact.

BUT I can't live with myself dropping hundreds of dollars on leggings all the time. I just can't. So I went on the search for some alternatives. I'm in a group on FB called "The Wives Club" or something like that. Someone asked for good work out leggings that AREN'T SEE THROUGH. Ain't no body want to see that! Except for that pervy guy at the gym, he probably does. And if we are talking about pervy guys at the gym that's probably a good 90% of the male population there.

Anyway, the final consensus was this brand of leggings! I ordered the cranberry color (which for the record is more of a hot pink then a cranberry... but I still like it) and they are totally thick and not see through! I mean, if you ordered too many sizes down than you may have a problem but for me they were great! True to size, they don't slide down on your waste, AND they are high rise tummy control. HELLO. Like spanx, but leggings.

7. Self Tanner

In my 27 years of age I feel like I've tried most of the self tanners out there. My recent favorite is the Rodan and Fields one (no not because I'm a consultant) but because it has hints of red in it so it looks like a real fresh baked tan! It's 26 bucks a pop SO I get it if you're trying to save a few extra dollars. In that case I love this one! It's color is similar to the Rodan and Fields... it's bronze without looking grey or green... yet it's not orange either! It's just right! My arms and shoulders always tan so fast... but my legs?? Pasty. Especially my thighs! Since I don't have time to lay out in the sun like I did as a teenager (and since I have more brain cells now and don't want skin cancer) this self tanner is the perfect alternative! Since I posted I had a few people say they use the foaming tanswise too and love it!

8. Swimsuit Cover Up

I love this cover up because it has some Nena and Co charm to it! I love how the fabric has a linen look to it and that cute design down the middle!! So cute! Perfect for the pool or the beach.

Alrighty! I think that's it! It's almost midnight so I'm going to try and get to bed. I have a date with BBG tomorrow morning and it's leg day. Yikes!  I love feedback on what Amazon Finds you like the most or would like me to feature more! Make sure you are following me on instagram @britneymunday to see them on my story first, sometimes they end up selling out before I can get them on my weekly round up!

As always, thanks for you support! I love you guys!

Britney Munday

Britney's Weekly Amazon Finds (April 30th)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hey guys!! It's time for another Amazon round up. As you probably already know when I first post the item it will be on my instagram story and I'll link it to my bio. But that link is only temporarily so after that I come here and relink all the past items I've talked about. This round up has some good items I'm excited for, so here we go!

It's no secret that I love Birkenstock sandals. Trendy and comfortable? Yes please! Here's the thing though, I can't jive with that price tag! Over 100 dollars for a sandal? I mean I'm sure they are great quality but I can't bring myself to pay that much. SO until I win the lottery... knock off birkenstock sandals! I mean they look pretty much exactly the same to me. I like them in the color "black paris" because I prefer to have neutral items that will go with everything!

I think I've tried almost every purple shampoo out there. Joico's color was awesome but it didn't lather and make it feel like I even washed my hair, shimmer lights always left a nasty residue in my hair and left it feeling like straw, Tigi's didn't have great pigment... but then I got my hands on this and the heavens opened! All the heart eyes. After I went to california my hair was starting to look like a Hulk Hogan yellow (thanks travel size tresseme shampoo... washed my toner straight out!). I didn't think that a shampoo would be able to retone my hair back to the white blonde I like but this one did! PLUS it lathers great, smells good, and my hair feels healthy after using it! 100% you need this shampoo if you feel like your hair is getting brassy. It's a favorite now!

I'm super picky about my hats, I don't like anything too obnoxious but not too boring either. I've had this hat for about a year now and it's a favorite. It says it's an orange color but it's definitely more of a peachy pink color. Great quality as well!

4. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Lately I've been on a journey of simplifying and minimizing my life and possessions. I feel like I end up collecting so much unnecessary and unneeded items and it ends up just contributing to my stress. I've noticed myself that when my house is tidy and clean I'm happier, my kids are happier, my husband is happier... we are overall able to enjoy life more! This woman talks about tidying your home in a way that isn't a total bore and motivates you to get up and do it. I'm about halfway through and I love it! If you saw my recent closet purge on Instagram stories it's because of this book. I think everyone should read it, especially mothers! We need simplification in our lives!

I found this dress and just thought it would be so cute as a swimsuit cover up this summer! Look at the cute tassels! Perfect with those birkenstock knock off's that I linked above! Then get yourself a turkish beach towel and you're set! Hottest and trendiest mom at the pool! Haha!

6. My couch!

 I've had so many questions on where I got my couch in my living room... and I don't blame you... It's really a good find! I can't take all the credit for it, my sister in law Kaley was actually the one that found it first! Now she has it, I have it, and my friend Em Fillerup has it too! Lucky for you guys... I just found it on Amazon with FREE SHIPPING. *insert happy dance*. This really is an amazing couch for the price. It looks modern thanks to the color and sides, the back cushions are attached so your crazy children aren't tempted to pull them off, the color is great for hiding any accidental spills from said children. It's awesome! It's kind of a salt and pepper look when you look at it really close so it's great for hiding any potential stains... and on that note it cleans well too! I've used our carpet cleaner on it before (it has a specific attachment for furniture) and it's cleaned it perfectly. It also has a great amount of seating for entertaining or for when you just want to stretch out. Have I sold you on it yet? Haha! It's a good one. We just got rid of the pillows it came with and got some cute ones from target.

In my opinion everyone needs a good carpet cleaner. I shiver thinking of the nasty crap that gets in our carpet. Even if you take your shoes off... feet germs galore! And especially having kids crawl and roll around on that... you need to have a good carpet cleaner. I got this one a few months ago and I've been so impressed with it. It gets up SO MUCH dirt! And I use it on our fabric furniture and it works perfectly. What did I do without it? Well, I borrowed my parents actually. That's what I did. But then my brother got us a giftcard for Christmas and this was the first thing I bought haha! Thanks Trevor! 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks amazon finds! Let me know your favorite down in the comments, or let me know what you'd like me to share more of! 

Also, as always, thanks for your continual love and support! I love you guys!!

Britney's Weekly Amazon Finds (April 4th)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind! I recently put a pause on the BBG work out program I was doing (by Kayla Itsines) and started running again. Running is so hard to get back into, sheesh! I'm signed up for the Ogden Half Marathon May 20th so I'm really trying to cruise to get into half marathon shape. Even with my walk breaks it's hard work! I do love it though, the "runners high" is real guys!

Other than that we had Sam and Jake's birthday party last week. We hired out a bouncy castle and put it down in my in-laws indoor basketball court, he loved it! It was so fun for him to have all of his little friends around, and it was so fun for us to have all of our big friend around. And yes, Sam and Jake have the exact same birthday! I had to be induced for gestational hypertension at 38 weeks and it just happened to be Sam's birthday. Isn't that crazy? You definitely tell they are cut from the same fabric. I'm a total believer in horoscopes (anyone else?!) and sometimes it's hard to have two exact same horoscopes in the same house haha!

Other than that we've just been getting ready to go on a trip with our friends Em and Carl Fillerup and their little boys, we are going to California and Disneyland and are so excited! We got an airbnb in Anaheim just minutes away from Disney. I'll do a post about it when I get back!

I almost forgot to mention, one of my latest ventures has been signing up as a Rodan + Fields consultant. I tried their skincare and was hooked! So if you've been looking into Rodan + Fields here is a link to their products . I can help you with any questions you have and help you find a skincare system that is right for you. I always swore I'd NEVER sign up under and MLM... but then I tried their products and had to eat all my words. They really are amazing! If you have any questions e-mail me through here or DM me on instagram and I can help you. Or if you're looking to join as a consultant as well I'd love to have you on my team!

K back to Amazon, so we have a few finds to catch up on!

1. Turkish Beach Towels

Have you heard of turkish beach towels? They're the new trendy beach towels, and for a good reason! They ditch the mentality of traditional "fluffy" beach towels for an alternative thin, light weight towel. They are so much easier to pack in your bag while going to the beach or pool, heaven knows we already have way too many things (and children) to keep track of! You will be so surprised at how small and lightweight this product is, when I first got my box I was like there is NO WAY the towels are in here. They fold up so small it's great! I tested out the absorbency as well and they are still perfectly absorbent. The only downfall I can think of is if it's a cold day they aren't going to keep you insanely warm... so bring them out on the hot days when you just need a towel to dry off! 

2. Clear Umbrella

I'm just picturing some super cute pictures with this thing! I mean obviously it's functional too but can't you imagine some cute family pictures with it sprinkling outside, the kids in some rain boots, and some bright colored tulips blooming behind you? Yeah, you need this umbrella.

3. Baseball Cap

It's no secret that I hate having any kind of screen printing, logos, designs, etc on my clothes and my children clothes. I seriously have an aversion to it haha! So any time I can find a cute clothing item or accessory without some silly kind of branding I'm all over it. This hat was a perfect fit and a cute accessory to any outfit. It also goes really well with greasy roots if you catch my drift. Haha!

4. Swimsuit

My mommy body isn't anywhere near where it used to be prior to having kids. And I'm ok with that! I'm not ashamed of that. I love my body for being able to create my two perfect children. The problem is, sometimes with that mom bod (and nursing tatas) it can prove challenging to find a swimsuit I feel comfortable in. I ordered this swimsuit for california and I love the ruching on it, it accentuates all the right areas! It's true to size, maybe even a touch big. I ordered a 10 and I could have probably gotten away with an 8. There is a built in bra but it doesn't lift the girls back up to pre baby state... but that's ok! It has enough padding that you won't be scaring children at the pool when it's cold. Too far?

5. Midi Dress

I feel like this midi dress can be flattering on any body type. I got the black in a size large and it's just a good, simple, closet stable. You can dress it up with heels or down with a pair of converse. It would be great with a cute kimono or cardigan as well!

6. Media Cabinet

Whenever I post insta videos in my living room I always get questions about where I got my media cabinet. I thought that it had been discontinued but I found it here on amazon! We've loved it. It has ample space to store toys in as well as holes for wiring to the TV and consoles. It's great! It comes in three separate pieces but put together looks perfect. They surprisingly have some cute media cabinets on amazon! 

Hope you enjoyed this round up! As always, thanks for reading and for your continual support!

XOXO Britney Munday

My Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Maybe I'm a bad person but I love laughing at another's expense. Those youtube "fail" videos are my jam... And I fully realize that fact makes me a terrible person. But the good thing is I laugh at another's expense, as well as my own! Which is why I decided to humor you and talk about some of my MOST embarrassing moments.

The problem with a lot of my embarrassing moments is that I'm SO MORTIFIED by them that I try to forget them. It's like my brains "protective" mechanism, I can't deal with the reality of what happened so my brain tries to pretend it didn't. However, I can remember a few of them and I'm going to share them with you today.

1. Pregnancy Underwear
Ok, you know how after you have a baby you need some underwear that you can wear for that awkward postpartum time frame? Well I went to Gordman's and got some of the biggest stretchiest underwear I could find. When I came home I tried them on and couldn't believe how far I could pull them up over my 8 month pregnant belly. Imagine humpty dumpty with granny panties on, that's what I looked like. Well, I layed down and started watching TV with these hideous granny panties on and couldn't stop cracking up about how far I could pull them up. Needing to share the humor of it with my husband I took a snapchat picture of the underwear and said, "I can pull this underwear up to my nipples!." Sent--sexy I know. Only problem was... I didn't just send it to my husband. I also accidentally added it to my STORY. Like 20 people saw it before I realized and took it down! Ohhhh mannnnn. That one still makes me blush.

2. Independence Day
This one may not seem like a big deal to some people but I'm going to add you really had to know this lady to completely understand. So one time at work I was sitting down with my boss in her office (who I might add, really intimidated me) and was talking about what holidays I was going to have to work. She was going over them, "Labor day, memorial day... and independence day." I don't know what got into me but when she said independence day I had a total brain fart and was like, "Uhhh when's independence day?" She looked up and was like, "... July 4th?" DUH. Duhhhhh. Oh man. I felt like an idiot on that one, just demote me already. Hahaha.

3. Easy Breezy Beautiful Covergirl
Remember how I used to do modeling? Well one time I was on a fitness shoot out at the salt flats. They brought the clothing for the shoot and had me put it on... some leggings and a tank top. Since it was a fitness shoot we were going to have to do some running and uhhh "fitness-y" stuff. As I was stretching to warm up (You know, standing up and touching my toes etc...) I notice a slight breeze... um... down there. "Strange..." I thought. Well as I went back to change out of the leggings I look and... the crotch area was completely see-through! When I was innocently stretching my legs I was also... well... let's just say more could be seen then I expected. *FACE PALM*

4. First Kiss
I didn't kiss anyone until I was 16. Not necessarily because I was trying to follow the rules... mostly because the opportunity never presented itself and I was a good foot taller than all the prospects. THEN one night me and my friends were hot tubbing at a friends house. In my 16 year old stupor I had mentioned to my friends that I thought this kid was cute. Which... basically meant he was taller than me. SCORE. Anyway, CONVENIENTLY they all just decide to get out of the hot tub and leave me and this kid in there. Of course, like friends do. This guy had broken his arm in a ski accident so he had a cast on it... and he was just keeping it on the side of the hot tub so no water would touched it. Well that was a great idea until he leaned in to kiss me. OMG MY FIRST KISS. He leans in, connects, lips to lips, and *SPLASH*. He dunks his whole cast in the water. We go inside and blood is dripping out of his cast (I think it was an open fracture so he had surgery with screws and everything). Me and all our friends try to dry it out with a blow dryer with no luck. The next morning I wake up to a text saying that he ended up having to go to the ER to have them rewrap it for a small charge of 200 dollars. WHOOPS. How's that for a first kiss. Haha! 

5. Pregnancy Fluffs 
I was working as a nurse while in my third trimester on the mother baby floor… Anyone that has been in the third trimester of pregnancy knows there’s not a lot of room for anything in your abdominal area besides your baby. Anyway, I was in a patient’s room with her new baby, the dad was on one side of me and the mom was on the other. The baby started gagging while laying in the bassinet so I hurridly bent over to suction it and pat it’s back… in the process of doing so I accidentally let one slip. I farted. With the parents directly behind me. I was MORTIFIED. The baby was fine. The parents acted awkward… They were like “Oh it’s ok!!” (that I had just passed gas) and I was like laugh!!! Just laugh! I would feel so much better if you laughed! Later as I was giving report to the oncoming nurse I told her and had to relive the horror all over again. Hahahahaha. Out of all of the stories... I think that one takes the cake. 

I hope these gave you a laugh like they give me a laugh. Do me a favor and let me know which one was your favorite, pregnancy fluffs?! Hahahah. You want me as your nurse don't you!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Britney

Britney's Weekly Amazon Finds (March 15th)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I try to share a few "Amazon Finds" each week. I share them on my story and then temporarily change my instagram bio link to link directly to the item. I share everything from teeth whitening, to make up, to shoes! 

I only change the link in my bio for about 24 hours before I change it to the next item... but I was having a lot of questions about past links so I decided to just do a weekly blog post linking to the past items I talked about.

So here they are!

1. Crest White Strips

Probably one of the most asked questions I get on instagram is... how do you whiten your teeth?! I've only ever used Crest White Strips and I love them! As long as I don't leave them on too long or do them too frequently I don't have problems with sensitivity. If you find your teeth getting sensitive try doing them every other day. They make my teeth as white as professional treatments! Also, make sure you get theses ones linked below because they stick to your teeth better!

2. Make Up Brushes

I was so happily surprised by the quality of these make up brushes. I hadn't replaced my make up brushes in I don't know... 7 Years?! Did I just admit that? Not good. I've used these daily for two weeks and they've held up perfectly! The brush hairs are so soft and I haven't had any fall out. For the price they are really great quality!

3. Silicone Foundation Applicator

I kept seeing this liquid foundation applicator popping up all over social media and I would just roll my eyes and think, "There is NO WAY it's that good." I tend to be slow to jump on these trend trains... I guess it's the bit of non conformist in me! But then I tried this and it's a new favorite. The non-conformist has conformed. It's crazy... it's so simple but so amazing! It makes my liquid foundation go on so smooth and so even... I love it! Totally worth the 7 bucks. I've been using it every day since!

4. Setting Powder

I use Tarte amazonian clay liquid foundation (color medium beige sand... I think) and it  has great coverage. BUT I wanted to get a setting powder to extend the stay of the foundation and to experiment a little bit with "baking". I've been pleasantly surprised with this powder. It will probably last me literally a year because there is so much of it. It's definitely for normal/oily skin because of it's drying properties. If you have oilly skin you will love this powder. 

5. Baby Dress

I'm obsessed with these cute little baby tunics. I call them tunics because they are somewhere between a dress and a shirt... If you put them on as a dress I'd put tights or leggings underneath. When I dress my kids I don't like putting them in clothing with a bunch of screen printing and stuff... I just like to keep it plain and minimalist. Which is why I like these! They have seven different colors and they hold up great.

6. Shoes

There are these darling shoes at Nordstroms that every fashion blogger ever seems to be posting about. Problem is they are over 100 dollars! Not today Nordstroms... not today. Probably not tomorrow either. So while browsing through amazon (like I frequently do once the kids are in bed) I found THESE GEMS! Obsessed. They have 27 different colors and fabrics. I got the "Tan Pu" (which by the way... is a terrible name). I like how they have a wide study heal which makes it easier to chase around my crazy kids. I just ordered them and can't wait to wear them to church on Sunday... I've needed some new ones for a while!

That's it for now! I hope you liked them, let me know what ones you like the most so I know to do more "research" in that category ;)

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Britney Munday

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