Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weight Loss Meal Plan [FREE]

So I was going to wait until I saw results to shared this meal plan but you guys wanted to know what I've been following so here it is!! 💪🏼 Jump on the bandwagon to better health with me!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a health coach nor do I intend to be. This is simply a meal plan I am personally following. This meal plan was modified by me to meet my individual needs. Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise or meal plan. 

Ok, now we've got the legalities out of the way, let's get to it! Of course, the goal is better health and a leaner body composition. I've been doing Kayla Itsines BBG exercise plan (currently on week 7 and love it!) but her meal plan wasn't quite up my alley... you have to have foods on your meal plan that you actually like! I like this meal plan because it feels doable for on-the-go moms... plus most of the things you can get at Costco! SCORE. Vegetables can be added freely to the plan.

MEAL 1: Breakfast (9 AM)
1 G2G bar
1 premier protein shake 

MEAL 2: Lunch (12 PM)
1 wheat sandwich thin 
2 oz of sliced turkey
1 light laughing cow cheese
1/2 medium tomato (sliced)
Cucumber sliced
1 oz avocado 
1 apple

MEAL 3: Afternoon snack (3 PM)
Combat chocolate cake protein bar 

MEAL 4: Dinner (6 PM)
1 cup green vegetable (broccoli, asparagus, spinach, green beans, etc...)
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
4 oz lean white meat (chicken, turkey, tilapia)

MEAL 5: Evening snack (9 PM)
4 egg whites 
1 orange

Here are the stats broken down 
on the app Myfitnesspal

If you add an extra G2G bar (nursing mom) refer to the chart below.

The thing I love about this meal plan is I feel HEALTHIER on it. Not only am I meeting my macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) but I'm meeting most of my micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). I also take a multivitamin nightly, as well as vitamin D3, fish oil, and B6. I will link to the Amazon products and doses I take below.

Generally speaking if you are nursing you want to be hitting around at least 1800 calories. I typically add in one more G2G bar... it has those good fats that are beneficial for nursing moms. I mean it's not hard to get in a few extra calories if you catch my drift 😉.  DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. I do allow myself a Diet Coke once a day (if needed) but I should just stick to water! One thing that has helped me get my water ounces in so much is my swell bottle (and this is NOT sponsored!). I know, it's ridiculous. A water bottle that expensive could never be worth it! At least that's what I thought... then I got one for Christmas. Un-real. Fill it up with ice and water and there is STILL ICE in it after 12 hours. I take mine with me everywhere I go and out of habit (and because it's so cold) I find myself drinking it all the time. If you get one make sure you get a swell one though because the other ones are knock offs and don't work as good (made with aluminum instead of stainless steel).

Another thing... Be gentle on yourself! One bad meal (or day) shouldn't cause you to fall off the wagon! Everything in moderation. The "all or nothing" mentality is a very dangerous way of thinking when it comes to food because it sets the stage for binges. If you are going crazy for a food and can't get it out of your mind, allow yourself some. But set limits (example: don't eat the whole pizza/jar of Nutella). And don't let it happen too frequently! I'll admit that Friday and Saturday nights are my nights to eat out with my loved ones. I don't believe in not living your life because your following a meal plan, live your life! Just know that those cheat meals may slow down your weight loss, BUT that's not the end of the world. Eat healthier for better health not just weight loss! When you eat out ideally we should try and get a healthier option (meat + veggies) but if you really want something else... don't restrict yourself! Get your feel and then jump right back on the bandwagon after, it's not lacing without you. You're the driver! No one can lead you to better health but yourself. 

On another note, you can get creative with the foods you are allowed. Just try not to add too many extra calories! Some sauce here and there isn't the end of the world. In fact one of my favorite things to do is add some wishbone Italian dressing on my lunch sandwich! If you are a sauce person (like me) try the Bolthouse Farms yogurt dressings... low in calories but high in flavor 👍🏼

As I go I will be posting and relinking different "recipes" that meet requirements to this meal plan. No, they will not be anything fancy. Just some super basic stuff but HEY if you didn't know to put lemon pepper on your tilapia that DOES make a huge difference. 😂😜

I went through and took pictures of all the foods you need and that you can get at Costco. No not sponsored by Costco... I wish! BTW costco if you are listening I'm really trying to save up for an outdoor patio set so........... hit me up. Hahah.

There is only one thing you CAN'T get at costco... and they are the Combat bars. I like the chocolate cake combat bar... it's pretty good considering. And you know I'm picky about my protein bars! You can buy them on Amazon for a fairly good price, I'll link it here.Or you can find the at your local health food store. 


Costco Grocery Haul

The last two are snacks I throw in if I'm desperate to snack on something. The bags of jerky are 90 calories each with 14 grams of protein. As for the pretzel crisps I have one serving (100 calories) and dip it in two of those light laughing cow cheeses. Scrumptious!

OBVIOUSLY you can get most of these things at any grocery store. I mean... do you need to get precooked and peeled boiled eggs? No. Is it convenient?? Yes!

When it comes to dinner I try and cook dinner the day of... but exceptions come up. Or what I like to call #survivalmommode comes up. And instead of going through the drive thru... make your own healthy frozen meals ahead of time! I got some meal prep containers from Amazon (link) and I just put in my cooked-ahead-of-time dinner in there and throw it in the freezer. To cook it I put chicken in the crockpot, rice in the rice cooker, steam broccoli... and then portion it out according to the meal plan measurements.

I had a question asking what I do for my kids when I'm eating healthier. I just give them the same thing! Only since I have a skinny kid I'm trying to bulk up I'll find a way to add extra butter, oil, or cheese to it. Ironically Jake's favorite foods literally are chicken, broccoli, and rice so I'm not sure how the worked out. 🤔

Anyway, that's the meal plan! I'd love to hear if you decide to follow it and/if it works for you. For a more specified meal plan I recommend speaking to a health coach and having your individual macronutrients calculated for you. We're all in this together and though I've lost 60 pounds before (and know I can) I'm still at the start of my journey this time around. So join me! We can do it. 💪🏼 And we will!

XOXO Britney

P.S. I posted a instastory today of Jake's bike and a lot of you wanted to know where we got it. Here it is below! I love it. It's so sleek and it's gender neutral for when Chloe can begin to ride. Great quality as well. And of course it's from amazon because what don't I get from amazon. Haha! 

and this is the helmet we got... in matte black and size small


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Weekly Amazon Favorites

If you don't already follow me on instagram (@britneymunday) DO IT NOW. Because though I love you loyal subscribers, I haven't been updating my blog as great as I update my instagram stories. So those of you that do follow me there, you said you wanted it, so here I am! 

I am a self proclaimed Amazon Prime freak. The combination of being introverted and mother to two young children has me making Amazon Prime as our primary lifeline. IT'S SO GOOD. It's like Christmas when I see that UPS man rolling through the neighborhood. If you don't have amazon prime you need to get it, like now.

On my instagram the other day a lot of you said you wanted to know what I order off of there so I'm going through my orders right now trying to figure out where to start... I don't even know WHERE TO START. THERE IS SO MUCH. Don't tell my husband. Every time he sees a package come to the door he's saying "Britttttney........? What did you order?" 

Hahaha. In my defense I'm pretty sure I spend LESS money going through amazon because I'm comparing and making sure I get the most bang for my buck. Ya know? Men...

Ok ok, enough talking. This post will be directed towards the health and fitness stuff I have purchased recently because if you follow me on instagram you know that is what I'm most passionate about recently!

I had plans to take and post pictures of the items in our home but it's 9 PM and #badlighting. Next time friends, next time.

K, let us get started.


I live in Utah and lately our air has been TERRIBLE. Have you ever heard of a red air day? It means DON'T DRIVE UNNECESSARILY, DON'T WORK OUT OUTSIDE, KEEP YOUR BABIES AND ELDERLY INSIDE... because the air is CRAP. Smog on smog on smog. If you don't know what smog is, it's what us Utahns call fog and pollution... mixed together into one  big grey nast covering all our air. My little family had been sick since new years eve when I made this purchase, and I contributed a lot of it to the terrible pollution we were being forced to breath in. Isn't that gross? You have no choice but to breath the worst air in the country. :( I figured I couldn't control what the air was like outside, but I could control what it was like INSIDE. So I got these air purifiers. No only do they filter out nasty pollution and odors... but they have a UV light that kills airborne GERMS. Yas. Yasssss. Plus I thought they looked pretty sleek and modern considering some of the other options. For what it's worth, me and my family haven't got sick again since ordering them. If you live in Utah, you need this. 


Since we had been sick NON STOP I figured it was time to invest in a new humidifier. We have a vicks steam humidifier but it requires that the water gets so hot and the thought of one of the kids getting a hold of it FREAKS ME OUT. So I decided to get this one below. I will say that it was smaller than I initially thought i was going to be but it works really well and doesn't require any nasty filters that end up getting moldy and gross. It also has a nightlight option that proves really useful for sick kiddos. I've really liked it so far and it's a great size to put in a nursery or kids room.


Alrighty, if you're not in the market of losing weight than this might not apply to you. I, however, am in the process of losing my baby weight and part of my meal plan requires that I measure certain foods (like for lunch I'm supposed to have exactly 2 oz of turkey on my sandwich and for dinner I'm supposed to have 6 oz of lean meat). SOOOO. I needed a good digital scale. After doing some searching I decided to get this one. I liked that it had no grooves that old nasty food could get in and be difficult to clean. It also got good reviews. So cha ching! I've been using it for the past two weeks and really like it. It's very user friendly and has an option to "zero out" if you want to put a plate on it first before putting your food on. Plus it comes with it's own batteries. 


So if you follow me on instagram you know I've started the BBG program by Kayla Istines. And no, I can never spell her name right. And yes, I'm too lazy to look it up right now. ANYWAYS. I love it. It's awesome. It's just what I needed. It has three days a week of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and two to three days a week of LISS (low intensity steady state cardio--like walking). Though I haven't see much difference in the scale I have seen a difference in my body. SO. I decided to get these to measure my body fat and waist circumference etc... I actually am measuring my circumferences (waist, thigh, arms) weekly (EVERY MONDAY) to check my progress. I write it down in the notes on my phone and then work my butt off (literally) to try and lose some inches by the next week. I know I'm replacing fat with muscle so if the scale isn't reflecting that I like to be able to see it through another unit of measurement. Ya dig?


As part of eating healthy it is smart to have some healthy dinners packed and refrigerated (or frozen) to grab if worse comes to worse and you don't want to cook. Because the meal plan I'm on requires my dinners to be a lean meat, dark green vegetable and brown rice I usually pack mine with just that! I'll throw my chicken breasts in the crockpot, shred them, portion them into the containers (6 oz each), then fill the other compartment with 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice, and the other one with steamed broccoli. It's fool proof! I've found that if I don't have some healthy meals prepared then when I'm having a #survivalmommode day I usually end up caving to some unhealthy take out. I always need some healthy meal options on hand!

K those are all my recent "health" directed amazon purchases. Next time I want to share with you some of the cute kid and baby toys I've found on there... perfect for an upcoming birthday or "just because". If you've found these review helpful, let me know below! I love hearing from you.

Thanks for reading!

I'm off to tell my husband I'm going to bed early and really am just going to sit on my phone for the next two hours online shopping or watching netflix.

Wait what?


Britney Munday
Instagram: @britneymunday

Monday, October 3, 2016

Healthy Crockpot White Chicken Chili

The first time I had this chili was when a friend brought it over when we had first moved in to our house. After tasting it I immediately thought she was an amazing cook and I would never/could never possess the skills to make such a delicious meal. Until I asked her what was in it... and was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is! Not even just how easy it is... it's not terribly unhealthy! Wahoooo. Win win. 

Years passed before I attempted my own white chicken chili... I found a recipe on Pintrest, tweaked it in a few areas and my oh my... My tastebuds were DANCING. 

So I am here today to share with you this lovely recipe.

Ingredients (takes 4 to 6 hours to cook in crockpot)

1.5 pounds uncooked chicken breasts

ounces chicken broth

teaspoons salt

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1 can (15 oz) DRAINED white beans

2 cans (11 oz) canned mexicorn (corn with peppers)

1 can (10 oz) diced tomatoes with green chilies

1 can (4.5 oz) Old El Paso green chiles (for mild) OR ortega fire roasted for spicier (for the record I prefer the spicier! I also add an extra cream cheese pack to tone down the spicy... don't tell anyone ;) )

8 oz 1/3 less fat cream cheese

1/3 cup chopped cilantro

Tortilla chips
Sour cream
Chopped green onion
Lime slices

Shredded Mexican Cheeses

1. Turn crockpot onto high heat.
3. Drain and rinse white beans.

2. Add chicken breasts, chicken broth, salt, cumin, chili powder, pepper, drained beans, mexicorn (with juice), diced tomatoes (with juice) and green chiles (with juice).

3. Cook on high heat until chicken is cooked through (about 4 hours).
4. Remove chicken into separate bowl. Shred with forks. Return back to crockpot.

5. Add cream cheese (or cream cheeseS in my case occasionally hahah)
6. Let cream cheese melt into chili and stir until mixed. 
7. Mix chopped cilantro in right before serving.

8. Serve with crushed tortilla chips, 
sour cream, green onions and lime slices. 


P.S. I'm much better at updating my instagram (and instagram stories) so follow me there @britneymunday. Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 30, 2016

My Postpartum Weight Loss (Second Time Around)

It's 9 AM and my toddler is still sleeping. My 5 month old is in the bumbo next to me playing with one of those crinkly baby books. My pantry looks like something that has been raided from apocalyptic zombies so my current breakfast is diet Dr Pepper and a pack of cashews nuts from Costco.

...and now my toddler is awake shouting from the top of the stairs saying he's so hungry.

Cheerios and a capri sun it is. I tried to go grocery shopping yesterday but by the time I got everyone in the car and started driving I literally couldn't even muster up the energy to brave the grocery store with a 5 month old and 3 year old... so we had McDonalds.

Honestly, that's a lot of how our life looks these days. We are in survival mode. Before I had kids I
 always swore I'd never be one of those mom's who says they are in survival mode. "Buck up!" I'd think. But you just don't get it until you have kids yourself. So nothing but solidarity over here girlfriend. 

Having two kids has brought on a whole new set of challenges when it comes to losing the baby weight. I'm breastfeeding so I have to be very wise about my feeding intervals, I usually feed her right before I leave and then my husband will call me mid work out and say she is getting fussy. She doesn't take a bottle so I usually have to just pick up and leave once she is acting hungry.

Oh wait... Remember how I said she was sitting in the bumbo next to me? Well it sounds like Mount Saint Helens is exploding in her diaper right now... So excuse me while I go address that. 

Ok I'm back. As soon as I stood up my 3 year old yelled at me from the bathroom, "I WENT PART!!"  In case you are wondering what part means it's actually a word created by him... it stands for poo and fart. SO that little writing break was actually a TWO BUM WIPING writing break. Now that all the humans I'm responsible for have taken care of their bowels I should have some time to write.

*cracks open second diet dr pepper*

*notes that it's only 9:15 in the morning*

Ok. back to the weight loss thing. It's hard. It's hard when you have two young children who literally need you every waking minute. That being said, I feel so much better during the day when I do get to get some time to myself and work out or go to the gym. I've been trying to go in the morning before everyone wakes up, I'll feed Chloe right before and then bounce out to the gym while my husband can still be home with both of them.

I usually either walk for an hour or do the elliptical for an hour. I keep my HR lower in the fat burning zone... usually between 140 and 160. And after that I go and do some weights. On the days I make it to the gym I follow the Jamie Eason live fit lifting program. You can follow it too! I can't rave enough about it, it's great for someone who has been at the gym for years or someone who is there for their first time. Download the body space app, go to programs and add the "Jamie Eason live fit" program. It's amazing. 


Have I lost weight? Well, to put it simply last night I was scavenging through my drawers looking for a pregnancy test because it seems as if I'm GAINING WEIGHT! Ugh. To tell you the truth losing the weight right now ISN'T my top  priority right now, being able to nurse Chloe is my top priority. I've talked to a few women that have said they actually gain weight while nursing, unfortunately it seems as though I may be one of those *shakes fist at genetics*. That's ok, I'm just going to keep on working out and doing it for my WELL BEING instead of how my body looks. And if I happen to lose weight during that then that will just be a welcomed side effect. Honestly I think that's a healthier relationship to have with exercising anyway, do it because you love your body, make it a habit, and then everything else will come on it's own. 

Ya dig? I have 45 pounds to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight... but while I'm nursing Chloe and holding on to those pounds the best thing I can do for my body (and mind) is to love my body no matter how it looks on the outside. My body is so much more valuable to me than simply something "nice" to look at. It breaths, beats and operates seamlessly. It's created two of my most treasured things in life, my children. And no matter what my body looks like, I love my body for all it has done for me.

xoxo Britney

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Chloe's Birth Story

Today our little Chloe girl is one month old! To celebrate I decided to finally write out and share her birth story.

At 3 AM on May 2nd I woke up with some contractions. I timed them but they were so irregular... 3 minutes apart and then 8 minutes apart... 4 minutes then 10 minutes. I wrote it off as Braxton hicks and got into the bath to see if I could get some relief because they HURT. After sitting in the bath for a while and only having them get worse and worse I decided I needed to go in to the hospital... if nothing else I just wanted some pain relief because OUCH.

I called out to Sam and told him to call his mom. At this point it was 4:15 in the morning. We debated hard on whether or not we should call her because we felt bad about waking her up. We called her and she came over to our house to watch Jake.

I got out of the bath and threw on some mascara and foundation. As I was putting on my make up the contractions stopped and I started to worry that I had his mom coming over for nothing. His mom got here and when she came in she said, "Do you think this is the real thing?" I replied that I didn't know but if nothing else I just needed some pain relief! Sam and I headed out to the car, put our hospital bags into the car and headed on our way to the hospital. At this point I had to stop walking and close my eyes any time a contraction came.

The drive to the hospital is only 10 minutes but it seemed like FOREVER. I didn't train myself at all to deal with the pain from contractions... I should have done some hypnobirthing classes or something. That drive has never had so many turns, curves and bumps in the road. Any time I had a contraction and he turned or hit a bump in the road it made the pain even more unbearable. I almost asked him to pull over with every contraction because I couldn't take it! Literally just going around a curve in the road during a contraction made it feel like my uterus was going to fly out my side haha.

We finally got to the hospital. I had already registered because I went in at 33 weeks for some contractions (I was 38 weeks and 6 days at this point... according to ultrasound. According to the first day of my LMP I would be 37 weeks and 4 days. So who knows!). When I went in to the desk and told them I was having contractions I don't think they took me seriously. I was trying to act like I wasn't completely dying. They took FOREVER to get me into the system. And just my luck, they had transferred charting systems so I had to register all over again!

The lady was so slow. I was standing their with Sam and she was sitting in the chair with a blanket wrapped around her taking her time. She was asking me the same questions twice in a row. Do not ask a laboring woman the same questions, unless you want to agitate her even more. Eventually a contraction came while they were trying to ask me questions and they finally took me seriously. Sam had to sign whatever form they were wanting as I closed my eyes and tried to breath through the contraction. I could feel all the nurses that were sitting at the desk look at me as they realized I actually was having contractions. Haha!

At that point they brought me into the triage room to check me. They checked me and I was "A good 5 cm dilated". At that point it seemed like the nurses began to rush around a bit more and get me into the labor room. They asked me if I wanted an epidural and I was like YES.... YES PLEASE. We got into the labor room and Sam asked the nurses... "So...... are we having the baby today??" Haha! They replied yes and that it would probably be around noon. We got to the hospital at 5:15 AM and this was now probably 5:45 AM.

They got my IV started and continued to ask me the register questions. I was still having contractions and they were getting more and more intense. I asked Sam to sit next to me so I could squeeze his fingers during the contractions. I had a hold of his middle and pointer finger... after each contraction I let go and looked at his fingers. They were nearly molded together because I was squeezing so hard. Sam said to the nurses, "It's true that women develop super human strength while in labor!"

It seemed like it was taking the anesthetist FOREVER to get there to get me the epidural. Eventually they were asking me the questions and said, "Out of a 1 through 10 what would you rate your pain at right now?" I was in the middle of a contraction and with my eyes closed and face scrunched up I squeaked out, "10!" I always told my patients that a 10 pain is like having to cut off your own arm... I've never rated myself close to a 10 pain. But at this point I was definitely and confidently a 10 pain.

At that point the nurse said, "Let me go see where the anesthesiologist is" and ran outside the room. This was around 5:55 AM. The anesthesiologist came in shortly after. She had me sit on the side of the bed, legs crossed indian style, back hunched over. Getting into that position was quite the task itself! She numbed the area first and then began putting the epidural in. Somehow during this time of sitting like that I didn't get any contractions and I was so relieved, I didn't want to get a contraction while she was poking around in my spine. Yikes! She put in the needle (ouch) and felt like she was digging around side to side. "Do you feel it more on one side than the other?" she asked. "Maybe more on the right side," I replied. She repositioned the needle and then threaded the catheter through.

Once I got the epidural (about 6 AM) I was like a different person. Smiling with the nurses. Asking Sam how his fingers were. I felt great! The nurses got me settled and then left the room. Sam left the room to get a drink. While I was in the room for maybe 1 minute by myself I felt a pop and then water leak. My water broke!

Sam walked back into the room and I told him my water broke and he needed to tell the nurses. He told the nurses and they came back in. Yep it had broke. Water was clear, no meconium, so that's a good sign! At that point I was feeling a lot of pressure down there so I told them. Surprised the nurses said, "You're already feeling pressure? We might want to phone the doctor. Let me check you." While checking my cervix the nurse looked at the other nurse and said, "Yeah you might want to make that call." Then she looked at me and said, "You're dilated to an 8." This was probably 6:10 AM at this point, not even an hour since arriving at the hospital.

A couple minutes went by and I was feeling even more pressure. I told the nurse, "Sorry I'm not wanting a nurse delivery but I'm feeling even more pressure." She checked me again an I was a 10! At this point nurses began rushing in with delivery carts. "Is the doctor here yet? Wheres the doctor?" I could here nurses shouting. My nurses said, "Well I'm going to put some gloves on in case I need to deliver this baby." They put my legs straight in the bed, I imagine to try and slow everything down. Twice I had to ask the nurse if she was coming out because it felt like it, she peaked under and said she wasn't crowning yet. The doctor got there at about 6:20 AM and hurry and gowned and gloved up. "K lets have this baby!" he said. As I was pushing I could hear the nurses and doctor saying, "This is going to be a big baby!" I was feeling so much pain "down there"... I didn't feel any contraction pain but "down there" I swear I felt nearly everything!

Maybe this is TMI but when you're giving birth the doctor will pull on certain "areas" (if you know what I mean) to stretch it out for the baby to come out. To put it into perspective I could feel so much down there that I could feel them pulling on those "areas"!!

I pushed through three contractions and then she was here! 6:34 AM and she was here. Only an hour and 20 minutes from when we arrived to the hospital! I was so exhausted from the pain when she arrived that my eyes were closed and I had to tell myself, "Open your eyes, she's here!" They laid her on my chest and it was love at first sight. She was beautiful! I looked up at Sam and he was smiling ear to ear. With his eyes glistening he said, "She's beautiful". I
never want to forget the look on Sam's face at this moment, it's something I'll always treasure.

She didn't cry too much when she was born, I remember asking the nurses if she was crying enough and they replied that she was. Her apgars were 8 and 9 which is great. I helped wipe her off as she as laying on my chest, she had a lot of vernix on her. My nurse said to the other nurses something about how you could tell I was a nurse in that area because I was helping wipe off and stimulate my own baby. The doctor clamped her cord (which he said was short) and Sam cut the cord. They asked if they could weight her to which I happily obliged. I wanted to know how much baby I had been carrying around all this time!

They put her on the scale... 9 lbs and 1 oz. What?! Jake was 8 lbs 4 oz at 38 weeks but I didn't imagine that she would weigh that much! I was proud of myself for carrying around and giving birth to a baby that big... and so quickly! They measured her and she was 19.5 inches (at her two week appointment she was 21.25 inches so I'm not sure how accurate her initial measurement was!)

They sat her back on my chest and she was wide awake. She was lifting up her head! I couldn't believe how strong she was. What newly born baby can lift their head like that?! Immediately she wanted to eat and she latched on great. I was so grateful, I had prayed to have a successful breastfeeding experience because it was such a struggle with Jake. Sam was anxious to hold her so he held her and then we did skin to skin for the first two hours and then they moved us down to our postpartum room.

We had our visitors come at around 9:30 AM or so. Sam's mom brought Jake and he was so excited to see her. Video below!

Recovery this time around was so much easier than the first time. I don't know if it's because my labor was so fast or just because my body had already done it before! I felt back to normal almost immediately after giving birth!

She's been a little angel baby and we are smitten with her. It's amazing how your whole life can change in just one second. I call her my baby doll because all she wants to do is eat and sleep. She gained weight like crazy... 3 weeks after being born she was 11 lbs 3 oz!

We are so in love with her. After all the time we waited for her, she was definitely worth the wait. I'm loving being a mama of two. I know I don't update here all too often but I'm good at updating our instagram... so if you'd like to follow closer follow us on there at @britneymunday.

Hope you enjoyed our birth story!

XOXO Britney Munday

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easy and Healthy Pasta Meat Sauce

This is one of my dad's favorite spaghetti sauces... Made healthy(er). He calls it the Thurl Bailey spaghetti sauce (Thurl Bailey is a former NBA jazz player). Legend has it (so my dad says) that Thurl had to take care of his younger siblings a lot... One day they didn't have anything to cook for dinner so Thurl threw this spaghetti sauce together based off of things they had in the house.

Usually it's made with red meat... But to try and make it healthier I switched it out with lean ground turkey. 

I feel scared throwing around the term "healthy" anymore because I know there is someone out there who is going to read this and say, "HEALTHY?! This should be made with your home grown tomatoes and spices straight out of your garden... You used something canned?! Are you trying to give yourself botulism?!"

Hahah! So here's my take on that, any recipe I share with you I try and keep it within the categories of healthy, easy, and also pleases to the masses. If it's not damaging to you and your kids want to eat it... We're onto something. Ya dig? Good? Good.

So right now I'm working on making myself some meals for once I have this baby. So I'm doubling all my recipes and then throwing the extra in Tupperware in the freezer. Then... Once I'm in my postpartum zombified state I can just pull it out of the freezer, heat it up, boil some spaghetti and feed us all. Yahoo.

The recipe readily feeds four adults. If you are postpartum meal prepping (like me) I'll put the doubled measurements in parenthesis to the side.

1 lb lean ground turkey (or 2 lbs)
1 can hormel no bean chilli (or 2 cans)
1 bottle of roasted garlic prego spaghetti sauce (or 2 bottles)  
1 green pepper (or 2 green peppers)
1 medium sized yellow onion (or two yellow  onions)
2 tsp oregano (or 4 tsp oregano)
Salt and pepper
(Optional) sliced mushrooms

1. On stovetop, oil pan and begun heating over medium heat. Add ground turkey, sprinkle salt (just a tsp or so) and pepper over it, add oregano. 
2. With spoon break up turkey into smaller pieces as it browns. 
3. Chop onion and green pepper.
4. Once meat is mostly brown, add pepper and onion and cover.
5. Continue cooking and stiring over medium heat until green pepper and onion pieces are beginning to soften.
6. Add chilli and spaghetti sauce then let simmer over low heat. If you are adding mushrooms add at this point. I let it simmer for at least 20 minutes so the flavors can soak into each other.
7. Serve with your favorite spaghetti. I used regular spaghetti but a healthier option would have been whole wheat pasta or quinoa pasta (<--- still needing to try that!)
8. Enjoy!

As I prepare my freezer postpartum meals I'll be sharing the recipes with you, be on the lookout! I made some cream cheese chicken enchiladas the other day that were delectable... I'll be sharing that recipe soon!

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo Britney 
Instagram: @britneymunday